Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vintage/Grunge photos

Ohhh the pleasure of having a fast Internet.
I went crazy and posted all the photos of my mini album.
If you want to see the video check out my Friday Post :)
It took my 1/2 the time to upload all of these photos as it would take me to load up one photo at the motel at the cottage :)

Okay on to the mini album.
I used 3 different paper packs for this mini. Two are from Tim Holtz and the other one is from My Minds Eye.
There may be some other random paper in here as well. As I never can stick to one paper line...or in this case 3, teehee.
I made the flower on the front. It is one of those lollipop flowers that were so popular last year. I made it then, and think it works nicely for this mini.

I made the pocket for the tag to fit in. I stamped the dress form and the ruler on the front of this.

I thought the "Play" charm was fitting to put beside this BINGO ticket.
I attached the charm to a zipper pull and then that to the key chain holder. Then clipped it to the tiny paper clip holder.
All the tabs you see sticking out are all tags that I added pull tabs to.

I made the bottle cap. Well actually I bought the empty bottle cap, punched a circle out of the pattern paper and then adhered it in the bottle cap. Lastly I added some diamond glaze to the center to fill it in.
I really like how the black elastic binding looks with the colours of this paper.

  The little butterfly book is an actual mini book in itself. The pages are blank so photo (very tiny photos) can be added to it.
That tiny picture frame I had purchased at the dollar store a few years ago. I cut a tiny butterfly out of the paper and then used diamond glaze to make it look like a glass frame.

I really like this page as it reminds me of the old sewing patterns. Isn't that little hanger the cutest thing :)
The paper buttons were from the paper and I popped them up with foam dots.
Another cute little miniature, the pin :)

I attached this "explore" charm with some tiny paper clips.
I just love miniatures...maybe because I'm tiny myself, lol.
I backed everything with black cardstock. I like that it makes the other colours pop.

Just some of the papers that I cut out and attached with this clip.

I added this "story" tag as I thought it went well with this paper. It reminds me of a page from a child's nursery rhymes story.

I used a pen nib on this page. I just love these pen nibs. Maybe because I also do calligraphy.

I added the letter "N" as this album is going to Natalie.
Also used one of my daughters (from when they were little) paint brushes.
I had to cut off the bottom of the handle to make is smaller, then I painted the raw wood black. I also used alcohol ink to colour the ferrule. I didn't like it the bright silver that it was.

I have been itching to use these thick cardboard tickets. They are shiny so I couldn't ink them, but I did ink the edges to make them blend more with the other parts of the book.

I made a pocket on this last page as I did on the first page.
You know I like my balance ;)

I know a lot of people don't like to watch or have the time to watch a video, so I thought I would share my whole mini album today.

Onto My Day:
I forgot we had a retirement/birthday dinner to go to tonight, so we had to leave camp with enough time to get ready and for me to figure out what I was going to wear.
This is the first time I had met this gentleman, but Wayne knew him as they are in the same type of work.
The dinner was wonderful. I don't think I need to eat for the rest of the week ;)

I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love a great meal!
    This album is awesome!

  2. I think your friend Natalie will love the mini, I hope she gets it soon. Another winner Tracy, you score big points all around on this one!

  3. Just a beautiful mini. Awesome job, no time to create for me with H&N underfoot,

  4. tracy, your minis are always so awesome- love all the small details you put on each page!

  5. Funny the things we really grow to really appreciate when we have to live without them - fast internet! :) Love your mini album!

  6. I think what I love most about your minis is how interactive they are. They are not only awesome to look at, but fun to play around with too! Glad your dinner was fun! Always nice when the meal is good too :)

  7. Love it, all the details are just perfect!

  8. Tracy your mini book is amazing. So many charming details. I love it. Thanks for popping in and visiting. If you ever get a chance to visit Pendleton, Oregon, play on spending a couple days . . . there is a lot to see in that little town. Have a great week. Connie :)

  9. Great little book! I love the use of the pen nibs and paintbrush.

  10. Amazing mini, love all the fab details!

  11. Your mini album is amazing. I love everything about it.

  12. Terrific mini. I like how the pages are envelopes with pull outs. It will hold so much.

  13. Saw the video... thanks for the links! Love this!

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  16. As usual, you created a beautiful mini album! I love all the little vintage-like details you've included. I'm off to go see the video now... :)

  17. I love the mini album! All of the little details you added, like the mini pins and mini hangers are just fabulous! My favorite is that bottle cap! I love how you filled it up with diamond glaze. I have to try this technique, but I need to get some bottle caps.

  18. This mini is fantastic! I love all the little details you added throught the album. Natalie will be standing at her mailbox daily awaiting this treasure. Especially since she peeked in on the video :D

    Love you - Leslie

  19. What an amazingly awesome project! Love the vintage theme and all of the pages look stunning. Beautiful work Tracy


  20. I really love this album!!!!! Waouwww!!!!!!


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