Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy surprises

When we were out tonight, I came home to this on my door step :)
My girlfriend, Debbie, came by to give me my birthday present as she is going to be busy tomorrow.
Not only did she give me this beautiful gift, but look at her card!!
I love it, it is so adorable. I love all the layers and this image is so cute...and beautifully coloured.
Yup I got her on the Copic band wagon, teehee. Bad influence I am ;)
I think I get the bad friend award, as her birthday was on the 4th, and I still haven't given her, her gift. I made it months ago....yup bad friend award.

Where were we when my friend came by. We were celebrating Ray's (Wayne's dad) 81st birthday :)
I love this man. He is such a sweet FIL, I couldn't have asked for anyone better.
He loved his birthday card I made him. You can see it here in this post .

This seems to be Joy's (Ray's wife) tradition.
Not having the correct numbered candles, we have to do our math skills, lol.

Onto My Day:
I drove Kristy to work for 7:00am.
Ran to get some gas for the jeep as I was running on fumes..yup I still procrastinate.
Came home for breakfast.
Ran to get my blood work to relax and read a bit of my book while I was there.
I worked on and off for most of the day as I waited for the repairs guys to come to replace the outside tap, then an hour later the other repair guy came to replace the air conditioner pump.
So everything is in working order now.
I finally watered our dead grass and pulled a few weeds in the front yard.
Chatted with a couple of my friends.
Picked Kristy up from work, and grabbed some groceries.
Came home, made supper, then went out and had a great visit with family at my FIL's home.
So that was my day in a nut shell, how was yours :)

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Happy Birthday to you, Ashley and your father-in-law. :-) What a happy time for your family!

  2. You're having lots of birthday celebrations this week.. Happy Birthday to Wayne's dad. Cute card your friend created for you.

  3. You're having lots of birthday celebrations this week.. Happy Birthday to Wayne's dad. Cute card your friend created for you.

  4. What a nice day you had. What a great week this is for you. Nothing but celebrations with friends and family. My dad's birthday was today. He turned 72. I said happy birthday and he said "thanks now I have to work on making it to 73" Such the optimist. Your birthday is only 7 minutes away, make that 6 minutes and I'm not saying it until midnight! I'm sure I'll still be awake :D.

  5. Sounds like a great day to me! LOL look at that happy man with 2 cakes! LOL yummmmmmmmmm. One more day of cake for you. Lucky girl. Almost your birthday. Loves ya girl. well when ya read this it will be so I get to say it first HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Move down CLEAN CUP! * wink*

  6. What a nice surprise to come home to! Happy Birthday!! :)

  7. Phew Tracy, your day seemed to be go go go. I love the fact your FIL had two cakes because of the candles :-) And your friends card is fabulous, love the sentiment. TFS

  8. happy birthday and what a fun present waiting for you!!

  9. So many birthdays! Happy birthday to Ray :) Those cakes look yummy! Did I catch that right...your b-day is today then?

  10. I did read that right! It IS your birthday today!!! Happy birthday my dear sweet bloggy friend! Wish we lived closer. We would go for a three mile walk this morning, then a hot chocolate, then craft together, then Canadian Tire for a hot dog, then craft, then pick up my girls, then pick up your girls and then get our boys to take us out to dinner! Lol! Hope you have the BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!

  11. You are surrounded by such sweet people! What a great friend and a great FIL!

  12. that is a wonderful treat to come home to, the card is so cute. Great friend!

  13. What a sweet friend! And sounds like a fabulous FIL as well :)

  14. Wow! You were busy today. Your friends birthday card is adorable!

  15. Such a nice surprise, Happy Birthday to you!

  16. Wow you have had a really busy day:):)
    Your gift is really lovely and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you:):):)Love Merethe

  17. Happy birthday! How cool is the surprise left on your door?!?

  18. Awww that was sweet of your friend to drop off your gift. I'm a bad friend too, I'm usually a couple of months late getting a gift to my friend. She always says she don't mind because it's like a getting a present for no reason. LOL! She's funny like that.

    I can't think of a better reason to have a 2nd cake than to screw up the age on the first one! ;) Maybe that was the plan all along. hee hee...

    And, by the way, a belated Happy Birthday to YOU!

  19. Happy Birthday Tracy =) Wow so many birthdays in your family this month. Awesome lots of cake to eat hehe..

  20. I love the candle tradition! That is so something that would happen here. Except we never have the numbers either. I remember bringing out a votive candle with a cake a few times when we couldn't find the birthday candles! AJ and I don't even have any in our apartment, I should correct that before his birthday (in 6 months!)

  21. PS. I got distracted by the candles - I love the card your friend made you! And you do not get the bad friend award, my best friend and I still haven't done our gifts yet, and I still owe her a housewarming gift, and its been 3 months since her birthday, 2 months since mine, and 1 since she moved into her new house!

  22. Lol, love cakes and to add the numbers! My FIL and son share a birhtday on the 19th, in addition to their names- 62 years apart. :0)

  23. Nice to have a surprise for your birthday! Glad your fil liked his card!


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