Saturday, July 21, 2012

Just a typical day at the lake

Today was another gorgeous day.
A bit hot for Hubby's taste, but perfect for mine.
I started out with my 3 mile morning walk. Hubby followed me on the quad....yes the bear thing.
When I was on my way back I noticed this flower in my shoe.
It brought a smile to my face.
My birthday is in a few days and my dad had always sent me flowers on it. So I would like to think this was a little present from him :)

Hubby and I went for a great quad ride.
Yes I am operating a motorized vehicle while taking my photo ;)
We hit a new trail. Well new to me, I think Wayne knows all the trails around here.
It was a blast. I love riding and I love the rough trails.

 Our mission for today was to check out the blue berry patches.
We love to pick. I find it very calming.
We drove to the place that we have been going to the last couple of years. It has been awesome there.
But this is what we found this year :(  Guess this patch is off limits.... for like 10 yrs :)

We went to our older blue berry patch and we were lucky to see one berry per plant....actually that is being very generous.

I have been getting a lot of spam (I think that is what it is called) on yesterday's post. A lot meaning over 40! It is "anonymous" so I can't see who it is coming from.
There is no links to click, the comments are long and full of jibberish, plus they are taking some content from my blog and also from the comments you leave.
I would think most people have better things to do with their time....but I guess I am wrong.
I put word verification on here, and am still getting it.
Is there another way to fix this problem or a way to notify blogger to report them?
I am going to try and see if I can get it set up to modify my messages.

Hope you all are having a creative is Saturday right? LOL.

Tracy :)


  1. Lovely photos:):)
    Wish you a wonderful summerday,and have fun Love Merethe

  2. Love the flower in your shoe and yur decision on how it got there.

    I have been getting weird spam too.
    I HATE word verification so have just been deleting it.

    I leave a lot of comments each day and WV makes my eyes crossed!!! teehee

  3. That sucks about the spam! I'm not sure what else to do! How sweet about the flower in your shoe and fun times on the quad. Too bad about the blueberries!

  4. Checking to see how this works

  5. Glad you are having such a god time at the lake. Sorry about the blueberries. We have wild huckleberry patches here up in the mountains. About half the size of a blueberry. Sorry to hear you got spam too. Don't know anything about how to stop it.

  6. You can try restricting your comments to those using blogger instead of everyone. Love the little flower in your shoe and hey if you ever get depressed... you can tell yourself at least you can see your shoes!


  7. Great pics! I don't know much about spam I'm afraid! 40 - that is so much and so weird!!!

  8. You can turn "Anonymous" off. Glad you got in such a good walk and got a pretty flower as a bonus. Our blueberries are just starting to get ripe. Have a lovely Sunday!

  9. looks like you have been having a fun time at the cottage! awesome

    i have been getting the same spam on my posts as well. let us know what you are doing. it is very annoying!!

  10. Sounds like another great day in paradise!

  11. Sorry to hear about your blueberries. That really stinks. Why would they do that? The spam thing stinks. I'll get a couple now and then but it's usually just a bot and you have to turn on word verification to stop it. At least I think. Who knows. Maybe it's a virus? I hope you get it fixed soon! Loved your gorjuss card, so creative to take the pictures!

  12. Wwwll now it's Sunday. Lol! Looks like you had an awesome day yesterday!!! That Sufis about the blueberry patch though. I don't know about the spam, I've gotten some, but nothing like that! Hope you get it worked out.

  13. Well, now it's Sunday! Lol! Sounds like a wonderful day yesterday!! Sorry about the blueberry patch. I've had some spam but nothing like that! Hope you can get it figured out!

  14. Bummer about the blueberries. The spam thing is weird. I am not on blogger but some post titles definitely elicit more spam than others. I hope you get it figured out. :)

  15. I love the flower on your shoe! I definitely think it was a birthday present from your dad.

    That is terrible news about the blueberry plants!

    Please let me know what happens with your spam. I recently started getting spammed a lot, but its all links, so blogger catches it and puts it in my spam folder. They comment on the same few posts over and over, but not quite as bad as 40 a day. That is out of control! I haven't done word verification yet, but the repeated comment notification emails from "Anonymous" are getting really frustrating!

  16. Ahhh, that explains why there's no visible comments until approval. I don't understand people need to screw with others & I wish I could help you figure it out, but I'm no good with that kind of stuff anymore.

    I do believe that the flower on your was a gift from your dad & I think it's sweet!

  17. I don't get why anyone would do the spam thing either....get a life? I haven't idea what an be done...maybe reporting and blogger can sort? Urgh!
    Sweet to think of your dad being the "giver" of the sweet flower you found on your shoe!

  18. I want to start a blog, but first of all I am so computer illiterate I would need loads of help. Secondly, I fear the spam and rogue, rude comments! I hope you can find a resolution to this because I really love to read your blog! That flower on your shoe... it broke my heart! My dad turns 83, and I am so glad to still have him in my life, even if I don't see him often! Thanks for posting! Keep up the walking!


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