Monday, July 16, 2012

Creative Hog

I am a creative hog, yup I am.
I take over every space that I create in.
This is our table at camp.
I think there is plenty of room left.

 Wayne disagrees, lol.
I haven't even started on using the chairs as side tables yet, lol.
This is Wayne's phone and pop can. If you look closely I think he is reading my blog, teehee.

When we were at the cottage we went to Ignace for lunch and to fill up the propane tank.
I noticed this statue of Spider-man in front of this motel. Not sure of the significance of this? But there looks to be a spot for another one :)
I am sure the kids love this.

Onto My Day:
Pretty slow day today. It rained on and off most of the day.
I woke up way to early. Don't you hate when you wake up and still have an hour or so of sleep left.
I did make up for it with a nap later on ;)
Heather and I had a bit of running around to do and treated ourselves with lunch :)

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. It doesn't look too bad. I can still see the table =) Cool Spiderman statue.

  2. Taking over just kind of happens when one scraps. I don't think it looks too bad either. Happy Monday!

  3. Ha ha! That is me when I work on stuff in the house too- must. Spread. Out!

  4. I think there is still plenty of room on that table ;D

  5. If I have to scrap inside the RV I use a folding table...otherwise I make DH claustraphobic:(

    I know what you mean about using the chair seats though..LOL If there is only the 2 of us i can take over the 2 extra chairs. I usually use the ones that are tucked into the corner as they are hard to sit at for him...he never even know I have taken them over...LOL
    Are you in Kenora?

  6. LOL! It's kinda like that isn't it?! :D

  7. your table doens't look to bad! i still see some room left! LOL!

    that spiderman statue it to cool

  8. Rain? Did you say rain? What did it look like? I vaguely remember these days.

    I have to confess that I too am a craft hog. Even spaces that shouldn't be crafting spaces, I hog those too. I thought it was funny when you said you hadn't even pulled up a chair yet. so true. so true. :) My dining room table is half full of my craft stuff and 3 of the 6 chairs have stuff on them, but only because we sit in the other 3. There's just enough room on the table cleared to sit 3 plates down. LOL!

  9. LOL, this was me over the weekend! I was working on 3 layouts for 4th of July, so I was using many of the same embellishments and papers for each one. I had things piled up, strewn about and cluttered, all over my desk, my computer station, my shelves, a chair, the floor ... and it was starting to make me CRAZY and a bit claustrophobic. My hubby came in with raised eyebrows, wondering how I could get anything done with such a mess. I finished my final layout, and began putting things away. It took less than 5 minutes to put everything away and I have to say I was impressed with myself. He came back through and looked in and COULD NOT BELIEVE it. He thought I'd just stashed it all in a trap door, LOL! :) I was really proud that everything has a "place" and it's so easy to get to/put away. I'm so happy that I have enough room to spread out though!! LOL

  10. I do this all the time! I tend to take over our floor. AJ finds this really frustrating because he can't walk around the apartment! I prefer to think of it as a fun obstacle course. If he was at a field day, he'd think an obstacle course is fun! He just needs to adapt his thinking a bit :)

  11. LOL, yeah I sprawl out onto every space when i scrap! And that poor lonely Spiderman, he needs a friend!

  12. You know me I keep it nice and contained when I craft :) Poor Wayne, no room at all for him! Lol! He doesn't mind at all though, as long as he's sitting there with you :) Wonder who the other action hero will be?

    Sure wish we would get a nice rainy day here. It's crazy dry. Looking at 108 this weekend with no rain in sight. Last volleyball game tonight, until September. Hoping to get lots of crafting in!! :) :) :)

  13. There's plenty of room on that table still!
    I wonder if Spiderman will be joined by funny!

  14. Poor Wayne...just an itty bitty spot at the table!!


  15. Can you ship that statue to me, my son would love it. I would put it right on the front lawn :D I figure I take care of most of the house I get to use most of the house.

  16. Hello, this is Trading Post Motel. We are very glad to see that nice people like you take pictures showing our life size superheroes. For your concern, we've placed them for tourist attractions. So far we have Spiderman, the red Power Ranger, Wolverine, Jar Jar Binks, a huge mouse statue, and a huge bear statue. Soon we will have batman, superman and spongebob. We hope to see more people stop by, take pictures and have fun!

    Here's our website:

    Thank you again.


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