Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Big Splash

 Today is  another gorgeous day at our cottage.
The weather is beautiful, the water is beautiful.
The only thing I am sad about is that Heather and Kristy both had to work, so they couldn't come up this weekend.
So Ashley and I had been spending a lot of time together.
First we went for a morning walk, until the mosquitoes chased us back into the cottage.
Then she bugged me to go swimming (which I rarely do), but I got on the raft and floated around on the lake, Wayne was in the water, and Ashely sat on the dock....little bugger.
Then I finally got to take the kayaks out.
Ashley wanted to get some photos of the water lilies.

So we got in the kayaks and paddled to the flowers.
Actually doesn't she look a little we in this photo ;)
Funny story:
Before going out in the kayaks, Ashley put her phone and a face cloth into a plastic ziplock bag.
We then asked Wayne to help us take the kayaks down, as he stores them for the winter hanging from the rafters in the garage.
We were paddling looking for the perfect water lily to take a photo of.
Ashley noticed a spider on the outside of her kayak. I went over to her and knocked it off as she was screaming so loud.
I guess I missed it as it started to run on the edge of her kayak close to her. Well you would have thought there was a snake in her kayak as she screamed so loud.
Then she tried to get away from it, which was funny as you can't go anywhere.
Well she was freaking out, trying to get away from the spider, she flipped her kayak.
Luckily we were in shallow water and she put her phone in the ziplock bag.
I am still laughing about this.
She pulled the water-full kayak to her grandpa's dock....who is just behind her in this photo, and he helped her dump out the water.
When this was over and done with, she told me your going to put this on your blog aren't you.
My answer...well of course I am ;)

After all was said and done we continued on our kayak ride.
She gave me her phone to hold onto though ;)
She wanted to check out the river. In order to get to the river, we had to paddle under the highway. Like there are no spiders in there, lol.
We did see 2 swallows nest attached to the walls of the timbers.

Onto My Day.
Just more or less relaxed most of the day, besides swimming, walking and kayaking.
Wayne and his dad changed some pipes in the sauna early this morning.
I was up early (6:30am) as Kristy had to walk to work this morning and I was worried about her. So I made her text me when she left home, I did text her during her walk there, then she texted me when she got to work.

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)
I found my 2010 camp notes at the cottage. I didn't think they were here, but I had some other notes attached to the top of them. Just happy I had found them.

Tracy :)


  1. Glad you found the 2010 notes for your new journal!

    The water lillies are beautiful and poor Kristy!

  2. Tracy
    Gorgeous waterlilies.
    Had to laugh about the spider and yet she could paddle through that tunnel and stand in the water with all the water lily stems. Beautiful as they are you would never catch me standing in that water with them or going under the highway in a tunnel. lol

  3. Sounds like you had a really fun day with Ashley. Smart thing she sealed up that phone. Glad you found your journal notes.

  4. Glad you found your camp journal!! Great photos. Glad the phone wasn't ruined!

  5. Hey Tracy, I got my new power cord for my computer and had to check your blog asap.I sure missed reading it daily. I have a lot of reading to catch up on, beautiful pictures and funny story today.
    Take care and talk to you soon.

  6. Okay, now I feel very bad for laughing at Ashley :( there was a shelob on her kayak then I would have screamed and got wet as well! As you know I think they all just need to stay the hell away from me, those eight legged freaks. LOL Tell her I am sorry.
    Fun day though and beautiful pictures of the lilies and the water.

  7. Cool pictures! Any day at the lake is better than a day a work- even if the kayak flips. LOL! :)

  8. I'm laughing SO HARD right now at that picture of Ashley standing in the water. I can see her trying to get out of the kayak! And no kidding, I can't believe she wouldn't be freaked out from going under the highway! Glad you found your notes... ;)

  9. I like those lillies, good idea texting while walking.

  10. I have to say that I would do the same as Ashley. I'd rather get soaking wet than have a spider near me.

    Sounds like your cottage is a wonderful place to enjoy the summer. Idealic even :-)

    Glad you found your missing journal. Beautiful photos and some great memories to add to it.

    Love you - Leslie

  11. Too funny! Wow, aren't those lilies fantastic!
    That tunnel would be too creepy for me to paddle through!

    Playing catch sis and family are here visiting! :0)

  12. That is too funny about the kayak! Although, I would have had the same reaction about the spider! I saw one on me during the concert and screamed and then asked AJ every 10 minutes, "Do you see spiders on me?" until he told me to stop asking! I'm sure there were ton under the highway, but if you can't see them, its all okay :)

  13. I don't mind bugs, if they are not crawling on me.... so in that kayak, yep, I'd be freaking too! And that tunnel... don't know if I could paddle in through that dark thing either!


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