Monday, July 30, 2012

Colouring Fail, and a bit of Magic ;)

They say you learn something everyday.
Today I learned that I can't print up a digi image and then try to water colour the image.
It smears :(
I was working on a card for my DT project and this is the results. As you can see I didn't go any further then the flesh colour and the ink started to bleed :(
Guess I will be working on something else tomorrow.

Onto My Day:
I did book work most of the day. Month end is a day away and we are going to the cottage and we have a long weekend, so thought I better get everything ready as I am probably going to be bringing it to the cottage with me.

Kristy and I went to see Magic Mike. She wanted to take me for my birthday, but it didn't pan out.
The story is very predictable...but honestly who goes to this movie for the storyline, teehee.
Can you believe a girl brought her toddler to it. And the kid cried...alot.
Seriously you don't take your toddler that type of a movie. I covered Kristy's eyes during certain parts and she is 17.
And if your kid cries during ANY movie...take them out of the theater.

Oh yes and we had the entertainment of seeing an older man drinking whiskey from the bottle, outside of the building. Poor guy looks like he was beat up recently as he was banged up.

That was my entertainment for the evening.
Hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. My sister wanted to see it; it came to my town the day after she left. :0/
    There were kindergarten kids at the last twilight movie- hello!? NOT a kid movie!
    Seriously, fine to bring your baby, but if it cries- LEAVE! when my kids were little in a restraint and were restless or fussy, my darling DH would take them out and I would finsish eating, then we would switch if we had to....thankfully, it was rather rare for them to be fussy in those situations. :0)

  2. Yikes on the coloring! People's common courtesy and common sense are no longer so common!


  3. I cannot imagine taking a toddler to Magic Mike...that is ridiculous! Hope you are enjoying the cottage :)

  4. Unfortunately, printer ink does run with water based markers. Guess I'll have to keep buying stamps :-) Can't imagine why people bring their children to these R rated movies. Sounds like you had plenty of entertainment on and off screen.

  5. sorry to see your coloring didn't work. that is a bummer!

    i hate it when parents aren't responsible!

  6. Oh now - sorry your water coloring didn't work.
    Guess printer ink doesn't have the oil! I am always shocked that parents drag their babies and little ones to movies. I just don't get it! Your review of Magic Mike is much like I've heard from others. I'll just wait for it to hit Netflix! :)

  7. Oh well, we learn something new all the time, although this look might look great with a blurry flower or something!!! The beauty of creating!! :)

  8. Ink jet is a no no, laser ink usually works and likewise a "xerox" copy. Usually anyway.

  9. Ah, sorry about the image :( Glad you and Kristy got to go to the movies together though! At first I thought you were going to say that the man was drinking whiskey IN the theater! Lol! I always wonder why people take little kids to the movies like that. I agree, take them out!

  10. That stinks about the coloring!

    Why would you bring a young child to a movie like that?! And if they cry, step outside!

    There is a man nearby who always asks people to donate to the "Jack Daniel's Research Fund". I thought of him when I read about the whisky drinking man you saw!

  11. We live and learn with our creating sometimes. I sure know I have!!!

  12. I can't even imagine the hard work that goes into your creations! Keep at it.

    I am amazed at the inappropriate places that people bring their children and pets. Selfish and thoughtless.

  13. I saw a six or seven year old in the theater of whichever one of those Hannibal movies the guy cuts open the skull and eats the brain of a living guy. :-( :-( :-(


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