Friday, July 20, 2012

Cottage work...oh so worth it

Hello from our beautiful place on the lake.
How could you ever get tired of this view.

 As much as I love it here, there is always something to do.
It is like having two homes.
Every weekend we make a list of the things we need to get done for the next weekend.
We also make lists of materials we need and supplies that we are running out of.
Not only that, there is also the upkeep and repairs to do.
I am not complaining, believe me.

Here is Wayne's dad working on the dock, well I should say he is working under his dock, lol.
It is going to be Ray's (Wayne's dad) 81st birthday on Monday. You would never know it, as there is nothing that keeps this man down. Even when we think he is doing to much.
Not only does Wayne take care of our cottage, he also helps his dad out with the chores around his cottage as well.

Onto My Day:
Today was a pretty hot one.
I went for my morning walk. I used a pair of runners that Kristy has here as I keep getting blisters on my heels from mine. Then last night I got one on my middle toe. And of course I couldn't leave it alone and peeled the skin off.....hope your not eating any thing right now, lol.
So I knew I couldn't wear my shoes for my morning walk.
Funny thing is, Kristy's shoes are skater shoes, they are so different then my runners.

It was pretty warm so I took it slow most of the day, Wayne didn't, but I did.
I touched up the sign, as the antique white paint had flaked off in places because of weathering.
We went for a nice swim/raft out in the lake to cool down.
Now Hubby is cooking me dinner while I am here writing up my blog post.
Another reason why I love it out here, Wayne cooks almost every meal ;)
What a sweetie he is to me :)

Hope you all had a creative Friday.
Wayne and I were getting our days mixed up. I told him, he could use that as an excuse as for not going into work on Monday, teehee.

Tracy :)


  1. "As much as I love it here, there is always something to do." And here I always thought I wanted a vacation home! I never thought of it as another place to keep up. We should probably just rent a beach house. :-) :-) :-)

  2. It's funny how a place you go to to relax still needs regular upkeep. LOL!

  3. I am at my parents' out east home right now, and they say the same thing. There is a lot of upkeep here, like they had to come out last weekend to clean and prepare for my visit this weekend.

    Wayne's dad is very impressive! I can't believe he is working on the dock like that! Happy early birthday to him!

    I'm sorry about the blisters. My favorite summer flats have started giving me blisters too, I can't wear them without band aids!

    I think getting your days mixed up is a perfectly good reason to "accidentally" not go to work today!

    I have an award for you on my blog today!

  4. How wonderful that Wayne's Dad is healthy enough to be so active in cottage life. One of the main reasons I like to go out to our camper is that my husband does all the cooking too, I love it!

  5. I love that picture of Wayne's Dad! It might be a lot of work, but it's the good kind, right? Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. I love that my hubby cooks at the RV as well...I do the prepping..he does the cooking. If only I had known about side burners on the BBQ sooner...LOL

    Yes, little Miss C is quite the entrepreneur. She will be 6 in Oct and her goal is to have a pony by the time she is 9!

    Luckily for my daughter, they have an uncle who will board it and shoe it for free as long as he can let others ride it too!

    your view is indeed priceless. it is always so fun to read your posts as only someone with a cottage or RV etcetra would understand the work and the fun!

  7. Love your photo with water reflection. Glad to hear Wayne's dad is so healthy at 81 . Curtis' dad will be 87 in a week or so and is very healthy and very busy too. Makes me happy to see aging seniors like this. I hope I can be half as healthy as I age.

  8. Sounds like a perfect day to me & that view is beautiful!

  9. the photo of your view is so wonderful! love the photo of wayne's day! too cute

  10. Wow, your father-in-law works hard! Hope your toe feels better! What a good hubby to make you dinner!

  11. never tire of that view that is for sure. Hope you found the cure for blogger.

  12. Ha! I get my days mixed up in the summer too....especially when we are away! The il's have listed their cabin, as they are finding it hard to "keep up"; like you said, it is a lot of work!


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