Friday, July 6, 2012

Greedy Guts

Look at this guy munching out on the corn.
We didn't get a chance to cook these up and it went a bit dehydrated.
So we figured the chippy would like it.
He or she loved it. It even tried to drag it under the deck, so as not to share.
They sure don't like to share.

Onto My Day:
I looked all over for my 2010 camp book so I could re-journal the events into my new camp journal.
I swear I tore this house apart. But nope, nothing.
Isn't that so frustrating not being able to find something you are looking for. Especially when you know you have it. GRRRR.

Kristy had to start her job at 7:00am. Which means I had to get up to drive her.
It wasn't that bad (mind you I would have preferred to stay asleep) but I did stay up and get a lot done.
We are getting new eavestrough because of the hail.
They are coming tomorrow, unless of course it rains.

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. He or she looks so small next to the corn! My dog loves to eat corn, we always make him an extra piece (otherwise he will bark and bark and bark while we are eating!)

    I hate when I can't find something. I recently "lost" a necklace and realized at bedtime. Poor AJ helped me tear apart the apartment. Of course, he found it in the one place I was insisting my necklace wouldn't be (on his nightstand - I still don't know why I put it down there!) I hope you are able to find your book soon!

  2. That squirrel is almost cute. I should say I don't like squirrels

  3. Oh, feeding the neighbors! I love that. It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you force yourself to get up early. At least that's what I try to talk myself into every day when the alarm goes off at 6:30.... Have a great weekend!

  4. Too fun tat the chipmunk tried to drag that ear with it! (they are so stinking cute!)

  5. Tracy
    Such a cutie!!! Chipmunks are adorable.
    We have a few squirrels who demand their share of peanuts every morning. They just sit up and stare at me through the kitchen window until I throw out their peanuts. I know they are supposed to be pests but they are so cute and they do know my voice. When their alloted amount has been eaten they head out.

  6. cute! saw you on the 2peas thread and want to say hello! I'm a new follower

  7. Here's hoping you have found your new camp journal already. That little guy is so cute!

  8. This is exactly what I'd do if I found a Snickers laying around!!!


  9. aww... adorable. It looks like it's very happy munching away hehe..

  10. I cannot believe you got a pic of this little guy! We know we have them around but see them very little! Adorable!!

  11. He is so cute! Wish we had chipmunks but we have an indoor/outdoor cat that is a bit hard on the wildlife. TFS

  12. I love chipmunks! We have one that we catch a really quick glimpse of every once in a great while. Maybe I should leave some corn out to get a better look. :-) I know how you feel about not finding something that you just know is right there. Right now I'm looking for two pictures that I just looked at and now I can't find them. Drives me crazy! :-/ Have a great weekend!

  13. That little chipmunk is so cute! I can just picture him trying to pull that corn around :) I'm glad you stayed up after taking Kristy to work. Lol!


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