Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Alice your Gorjuss

Remember this image I coloured...ohhh about 2 weeks ago?
Well I finally put her on a card.
This card did not turn out the way I had it planned in my head.
Oh well that happens more times then not.
I would have had to make one huge card to fit it in the way I wanted it.
I made this card at camp, so I have limited supplies which is always a fun challenge.
Even though I have a ton of supplies, I think I am more creative with less.
These playing cards are actual photo's of playing cards I took.
I have my photo printer here as I am still working on my camp/cottage journal.

Here is the inside of the card.
I don't have my recipe/index cards here, but I did have these tags.
The sentiment is another photo I took.
I went into the girls room and found their Boggle game and made the works out of the dice and then photographed it ;)

Onto My Day:
We came up to camp last night.
The girls are all working so its just Hubby and I.
When we got here, the one neighbour was burning brush. He had a pretty big fire going. He isn't from around here, but he should still know that we shouldn't be having fires because it is so dry here. I think I heard that Northwestern Ontario has 25 ongoing fires and a total of over 700 fires for this year.
Yup shouldn't be burning. We haven't even had a fire in our fire pit and its contained.

I have been taking quite a few walks today and last night. The weather is so beautiful. Not to hot, not to cold...just right ;)
Saturday is suppose to be crazy hot though.

Well I should be getting off. My laptop battery is low and I am using the motels internet.
I am so committed to my blog. The owners of the hotel are not here right now so I am outside on my laptop, having trouble seeing the screen as my scary face is reflecting back on me because of the sun, lol.

Hope you all have a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. This is such a sweet card. I love how you decorated the inside as well. I always seem to put all of my energy into the outside, that I never get to the inside. LOL!

  2. This is really sweet Tracy, I love how you embellished it inside and out. Gorgeous.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. this is so cute! i love the playing cards

  4. How smart are you! Love that you took pictures and then cut them out! What a dumb neighbor. Sounds like he needs a swift kick in the arse! Hope you get a bunch more walking in before it gets too hot Saturday!

  5. Very cute card. The little girl is adorable.

  6. I love that card! That is so creative that you took pictures then cut them out!

    That is not so smart of your neighbor! I hope his carelessness doesn't cause any fires!

    I hate when my face reflects in my screen! I'm always like, who is that squinty looking person looking at me?! Then I realize, its me...

  7. Hi Tracy, You are truly a dedicated blogger. Bravo! I would have never in a thousand years thought of using my camera to take photos of objects to use in my cards and journal. That is genius.
    You're not only smart but you're a sweetie pie, too! I have to admit that I enjoy some of those "Men Shows" too. I especially like the one where they are hunting alligators. Can you imagine? It is a wonder that those folks aren't sporting peg legs and a hook like the captain in Peter Pan. How scarey!

    Oh, and that man burning in dry weather . . . what is wrong with some people? I hate talking negative, but some folks just don't have a lick of common horse sense.
    Have a great weekend, Connie :)

  8. Love that you used your printer to make cards and the sentiment! Very cool!

  9. That is so cool! LOVE what you did with the playing cards!

  10. You are dedicated!! Great card. Coloring looks awesome and love how you've used the playing cards...ingenious.


  11. Tracy...If you want to email me your address ( I can send you whatever cards you need from a miniature set of real playing cards. They are 1/10 the size of real playing cards but are true to type in weight, scale, finish etc.
    Then if you do this stamp up again, you can use the teensy ones!
    Great card!

  12. You totally crack me up! scary face? Pah! silly beautiful woman, nope not hardly! get over it... LOL Oh and have a great weekend. Will TTYOM. LOL

  13. Fun card! Love the added playing cards. Hope the dumb neighbor didn't set anything else on fire. Why don't people have more sense????? Enjoy your walks and the outdoors! :)

  14. Love the cards on there!
    And I love how you do the inside of your cards as well!
    I can't remember the last time we had rain. So fires around here, not such a good idea either.
    You have to wonder where common sense is sometimes!

  15. Lovely card,and the image is really sweet.
    Love all the cute details:):)
    Wish you a wonderful day,love Merethe

  16. The photo of playing cards is the perfect touch! Yeah, who hasn't seen the news to know that just about the entire continent is dry and we shouldn't be burning? Hope you have a fun weekend!

  17. You gotta wonder what some people are thinking of.....burning when fire risk is high? Duh!
    Love the cards- I cannot believe they are not the real thing! I have deck or 2 about that size!


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