Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nothing like a good pair of runners

Guess where I am :)
Yup we snuck off to the cottage early again :)
This time Kristy and her boyfriend Blake came out with us.
I did my 3 mile walk tonight. It was the first time I actually had to wear something warmer than my t-shirt.
Wayne bought me new runners (remember the blister I got every stinkin' weekend).
He customized them on the New Balance site, and I love them. They are light weight, comfy, and no blisters. Lets hope this lasts for the rest of the weekend :)
(Wayne took this photo with his iPhone)

Onto My Day:
I was hanging up laundry outside at 7:30 am. Crazy I tell ya.
But it looked like it might rain, so had to get them out to dry. Luckily it didn't rain all day, so all was good :)
Spend the rest of the day getting ready for camp and doing some book work.

Hope you had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. hooray for new shoes- looking good

  2. I may have to have a look at the NB site. Iwonder how you customize without then seeing your feet?

  3. Thank goodness no more blisters!
    Do you bring a bear whistle when you hike? I used to live in bear country and our RV is in an area with lots of bears. DH hates it, but we have chain link fence all around the resort and then 3 strands of angled barbed wire on top of that. He always make remarks about "stalag 16".
    Even with all that protection, we still had a bear in the resort for 2 days, 2 years ago. They come in for the silly people who plant apple trees on an RV resort lot!

  4. You're so cute :) sweet of Wayne to get you new tennis shoes! I knew when you were off your commenting schedule you guys had gone to camp. Lol!

  5. Lucky girl! I wish it was just a little cooler or I wish there was a breeze at least. It's just hot and still. Yuck. It's way too hot to walk outside. I can't wait until I can take my dogs for a walk but it's been too hot since we moved here. One day it was in the 60's but it was pouring rain so that didn't work either. And where is the pic of your pimped out NB's?

  6. Congratulations on the new shoes! I hope you are having a fun time at the cottage with Kristy!


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