Monday, July 2, 2012

Searching for the perfect Pedometer

I had an awesome 5 days at camp.
Sadly it was time to come home and work.

I love to walk and I love to record my steps and distance with a pedometer.
As you can see I have gone through many of them. And these aren't all of them either.
So far my favourite one is the red one, not because it is in my favourite colour, but also because it records my steps but also my distance. It may even count the calories that I have burnt....even though I have no idea on how to count calories, lol.
But I am still looking for the perfect precise pedometer.
I will even put 2 on and walk around the house counting my steps, then see which one is more accurate.
When you look for one, make sure it isn't easy to reset it by leaning on a counter...that really makes me mad.

Like I said I love to keep track of my steps. Yes I am obsessive ;)
As you can tell by the month, this is not from this year...unless I have the Back to the Future's DeLorean, lol.
The black stepper (as I call them) is the newest one. I think it is showing that I am putting in more steps then I am actually taking. I don't like that either.
So yes I am still looking for the perfect stepper.

Onto My Day:
It was quite hot at the cottage today, so I didn't vacuum before we left, I just swept.
On the way home I read to Wayne from our camp journal (well what I have recorded so far). It was 3 years worth of weekends spent at our cottage. It took the whole drive and I finished it just as we pulled into the drive way.....yup I talked for almost 2 hours straight, lol.
We did stop at a restaurant for a burger and fries.
Funny as his dad and Joy were there as well, so we all sat together.

I caught up on some book work that I missed while we were away. Then hemmed Kristy's dress pants for her 1st day of her new job tomorrow :)
I am so proud of her :)
Right now Wayne, Heather and Kristy are watching the lightning storm that we are having. They are trying to take some photos of it.
I had better post this before we lose our power.
This is a photo that Wayne just took of the lightning with his iPhone.

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)
I will be catching up on all your blogs in the next couple of days.

Tracy :)


  1. I hope that you did not lose power!
    Wow, a lot of pedometers! My iPod nano has one on it, but I only use it when I am taking the time to go walking, not for all day...the kids had one that just had to be shaken to count.

  2. Oh i know what you mean by the pedometers...every one i've ever tried says i walk way more than i acually do..i wear work books all day and maybe i tread heavier than usual..anyway can't help ya:0(

  3. hubby got me one for christmas and i love it but i always forget to put it on- LOL!!

    super nature photo

  4. Am a walker too. I often think I should have one on at work, for all the steps we take there. It wasn't bad when babies were all in one room, but now they all have there own room we take a lot more steps.

  5. Amazing picture, esp for an iPhone! Have you thought about getting Nike + for a pedometer? It has a sensor that goes on your foot and then corresponds with your iPod.

    1. Hi Jamie,
      I have heard of those, but I don’t have an ipod, I have an ipod shuffle and I want to wear it all the time, not just during my walks.
      Thanks for your suggestion though


  6. I hope you can find the perfect pedometer! I'm sure it's out there somewhere :) I bet you had some great stories in your camp journal, I can't read while riding in a car, gives me a headache :( Hope you all didn't lose power and that Kristy's first day goes great!!

  7. That lightning picture is awesome! I can believe an Iphone took a picture of that. It's amazing how far technology has come. I just wish there were days we could do without any of it. Just days here and there because I could not do without my internet buddies :) What a nice relaxing weekend. I finished painting my room (there is a video up of it) Now I have to put all the shelves up and figure out where to put a couple of things. I'm going to have to take a video so you can see it and give me some ideas. I hope you didn't lose power, well if you did then you don't have to work LOL. Good luck finding the perfect pedometer, I used a watch that I really liked but now I can't find it. It took the amount of steps, distance, calories but most importantly for me at the time, was heart rate. And it took the heart rate without having to connect it somewhere else on your body. My son has stolen it and now I can't find it, not that I was using it very much lately.

  8. Cool lightening shot.
    I use my ipod as well. I can keep track of walking or running :)

  9. Wow that lightening picture is cool! I'd love to use a pedometer, but I've never used one. I think it would be fun to see how many steps I take in a day, especially when I'm teaching. I tend to walk around the room as I lecture, and I definitely circulate to keep my eye on the kids during lab!

  10. Amazing picture, I've never try taking photo of lightning before. =)

  11. I have the Sportline Total Fitness Pedometer from Walmart. It seems very accurate and it has a cover so the buttons don't get reset. It also tracks calories burned, steps/min and tracks for 7 days.

  12. I have several pedometers..but I don't use
    I like how you keep track of your progress..I might have to start using mine:)

  13. I've started walking again, but never could figure out how to get a pedometer to work so I don't use them. I just try to time myself, but don't even use a stopwatch for that either. It's been so stinking hot that it's even too warm & humid to walk in the early morning and not at all in the evenings.


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