Saturday, July 14, 2012

Storm Warning..its another hot one

Another hot one today.
Ashley and Tyler (her boyfriend) came up last night :)
They decided to go in the kayaks this afternoon.
Wayne and I decided to go in the lake, and I don't really go in the lake.
I usually float around on a raft....that, in my girls opinion is NOT swimming, lol.
But after doing some touch up painting on our cottage sign, in the hot sun, I needed to cool off.

 The weather has done a bit of a number on our camp/cottage sign. So I thought I would touch it up.
Do you know how many different shades of burgundy paint I have.....too many, lol.
I brought them all up here so I could colour match the letters.

I finally found the original colour I had used many years ago and re-painted the letters.
Doesn't that look better, all nice and clean looking.

Onto My Day:
I finally got my walk in this morning.
We had a bit of a storm here last night.
Wayne was in the boat fishing and I was in the kayak paddling around. I heard loud thunder around me, but the sky was still clear.
So I go to the other end of the lake and what do I see...dark menacing clouds....ohh ohh.
I don't really want to get caught on the lake in a storm, so I head back. I look behind me and the clouds are catching up.
Wayne and I head back for shore. He knows I am out on the lake as well, so he makes sure I get to shore before him.
We get up to the cottage, he puts away the quads and as he is out there, the sky opens up.
Not only did we get thunder, lightening and heavy rain. We also go a bit of Wayne was out in it.
The storm only lasted about an hour. But we had streams of water running through the yard.
So it cooled off enough last night, for me to take my morning walk.

I was so happy to get my walk in.
I love to come out here to take my long walks in the country.
But with it being so hot, I haven't even got one in. And we have been here since Wednesday night.

But now it is just as hot, if not hotter then yesterday....I am not complaining though ;)
Still no snow ;)

I have been asked about how my no coke (coca-cola) goal has been coming
It is actually been going great :)
I have allowed myself to only have coke on the weekends. And I have been accomplishing that goal very well. Better then I thought I would do.
I have been having one can of coke on Saturday and one on Sunday :)
Even when we have been taking these extended weekends, I still have only have the one on Saturday and Sunday.
Mind you I may have an extra one today with it being so hot and all, but we will see.

I hope you all had a creative Saturday and enjoy your weekend :)
I will catch up with everyone tomorrow when we get a faster internet ;)

Tracy :)


  1. good for you on sticking to the "coke rule"! Yikes on the storm! Glad that you safely got off of the lake!
    Enjoying heat again today...supposed to have t-storms as well, but we will see....enjoying the pool! :0) (I float there too).

  2. I am so proud of you...I am addicted to diet coke. I have 4 or 5 a day.
    I have tried to stop or cut back but the best I can do is one a day. You have great will power.

  3. Glad you got safely back to shore. We had a doozy of a storm last night. We are still sending hot weather your way. It's been unbearable here. Nice touch up on your sign.

  4. Oh man, I'm glad you guys made it in okay from the storm. well, except for the part about Wayne being in the hail. Your sign looks great! Glad you were able to find the right color to match the original color. Awesome job on the coke! You're doing an amazing job!

  5. Your sign looks great! Hot here too!

  6. The sign looks good as new! I'm glad to hear that everyone, including Wayne, had made it ok through the storm. They can be pretty scary, especially when hail is involved.

    Good job on limiting your cola consumption! I'm not a soda fan, so I'm glad it's not a problem for me.

  7. I tried to comment on this post last night, but google was not liking me!

    I'm glad you were able to get in before the storm started! The sign looks awesome!

    That is awesome about the soda! You are doing so great, congratulations!

  8. So, how did you paint the sign letters without getting any maroon on the white board behind?! Looks really fantastic.

    Glad to hear your weather had cooled off enough to get your walk in. Seems your sky had a bit of drama going when it let loose :D. Rain and hail, my goodness.

    Did Wayne catch any fish before the heavens burst?

    Love you - Leslie


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