Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Tale of the 2 Workspaces

While I was chatting on the phone the other day I cleaned up my desk.
Oh you don't think this is should have saw it before, lol
I wanted to link up to Julia's work spaces, but I didn't have Internet last night.

Why didn't I have Internet, well because Wayne and I are up at the cottage :)
Here is my workspace for the rest of the week/weekend.
Yes that is my camp/cottage journal......I am still plugging along.
Because it is only Wayne and I, I can take over the kitchen table.
This was taken with Wayne's iPhone. My laptop wouldn't take my photo I took with my camera off of it. I can see it on my camera, but it won't upload/download it to my laptop, weird.

Onto My Day:
I noticed some water downstairs on the floor. It looked like just some drops.
Then I noticed the bottom of a box looked wet, Yup it was.
We took what was in the box out (it was a table/chest that Ashley bought for her future home) and moved the box. Then noticed a puddle on the floor, a big puddle.
So out came the shop vac to suck up the water.
At first we thought it was Wayne's fish tank, but after I investigated further, it was the pump for the central air conditioning.
Because we were leaving for camp we just turned it all off. Sadly it is very hot this week and the girls are going to be so hot. I bet they are going to spend their next few days in the basement.

I did a lot of running around today to get ready for our extra long weekend out at the cottage. I am so excited. Not only does Wayne get a nice little holiday from work, but the weather is suppose to be beautiful. Too hot for his taste I am sure, but there is always the lake to cool off in.
I brought so much craft stuff to work on, on my down time....I even brought some book work to do.

I hope you had a creative Wednesday :)
I did already as I have been working on my camp journal.
I will try and visit you all a bit at a time. but with the Internet here being so slow, it may take awhile.

Tracy :)


  1. Oh, I think your area looks VERY clean - compared to any of mine! LOL! I would LOVE for my work spaces to look that good.

    At least you discovered the water situation before it got too big. I'm sure the girls are miserable in the heat, but a flood is worse, in my opinion. They're young, they should be able to tolerate it better than us older folks. ;) Hope you have a wonderful extended weekend!

  2. love your clean desk!! I am in between projects right now so it is nice and clean. i am sure it will be a mess by tonight! LOL!

    enjoy your time at the cottage!

  3. Omg, the top of your desk is grey? I never knew. Lol!!!!! Your desk looks amazing! :) So excited you are getting an extra long weekend at camp!! Hope the girls don't sweat too much.

  4. Your desk looks awesome! I need to clean mine too!

    That is awesome that you will have a long weekend at the camp! That stinks about the AC though. I hope it isn't too hot for the girls!

  5. I think that it is very tidy! My o my, to see mine! Eeps! Just finished a float in the pool! Ahhhh......

  6. Have fun crafting up at the lake! Son't forget to take a break and jump in the lake to cool off.

    Nothing beats floating around a lake on a stinkin' hot day!

  7. That work space is down right tidy compared to the pig stye I work in! Bummer about the AC


  8. Bummer about your A/C :-( Hope the girls don't get too hot and the problem is only minor. Maybe it couldn't keep up with all the heat you are experiencing this summer?

    Enjoy your time at the cabin crafting and getting your place journal updated.

    Love you - Leslie

  9. Your workspace looks clean to me! Sorry about the water/AC!

  10. Pocas veces he visto mi mesa de trabajo tan limpia como la tuya, te felicito!

    1. Translated ----Rarely have I seen my desk as clean as yours, congratulations!


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