Tuesday, July 3, 2012

These aren't Chips

This has been my snack of choice for the last week.
If you know me then you know I HATE peas.
But these are different as they are not cooked, and they are still in their pods ;)
Yes I eat the pods as well.
We didn't bring any chips up to camp, I ate these instead, they were my chips as they had that nice crunch.
And hey if you like dip with your chips, you could always dip the split peas in ranch salad dressing. I may have to try that next time. But I enjoyed them just like this :)

 When we were at the cottage I did get to colour a bit.
I coloured this Gorjuss girl image.
I am hoping to get her on a card in the next few days, but I am working on month end, so the chances of that happening are not very likely :(

 Onto My Day:
Remember today was suppose to be Kristy's 1st day of her new job.
Well she woke up early, and phoned them to make sure they knew she was coming.
I drove her to work, only to get a text soon after I got home, to tell me I can pick her up as they were short staffed and had no one to train her.
She has been working there through her school's co-op for the last 5 months, but I guess if you get hired they have to train you first.
I thought that was odd, but then to have to send her home because they were short staffed, when she knows how to do the job, and they needed her today.
Yup sometimes Unions suck with all the red tape.
So hopefully she starts on Thursday.

I spent the rest of my day doing my book work.
I did have to run and do some errands, but for the most part I worked all day, and will be working most of the evening as well.
Today was so hot, the temp was over 34C=95F.
 I kept thinking of my poor hubby at work in the country (where it is even hotter) driving his bulldozer without air conditioning plus the heat of the machine.
Then I see he left a note that he didn't get ice for his thermos of water. Poor guy just wanted some ice and couldn't get that.
Here we are sitting in the house with central air, and he is out there in this crazy heat working to keep us comfortable.
Thanks honey, you are one in a million. I promise you will get your ice tomorrow.

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Yummy, crunchy peas. I love them in the pod too.
    You are experiencing a hot day. Someone sakes me about converting temps from celsius. She was in Jamaica on her honeymoon and had no idea how hot it had been. So I could help her out!

  2. Mmmm good...I love peas in the pod as well.

  3. Tracy...your colouring skills are awesome...man oh man i love this image, colours and the way you added the dots...super fine..

  4. Oh, love this girl too!

    *sigh* high of 14 today....wah.

  5. Your snack looks delicious! I soups prefer them raw like this, with or without dip :) That girl is gorgeous! Those little playing cards are so cute! Bummer about Kristy's first day, like you said, maybe Thursday. Poor Wayne, it's hot as balls here too and I feel for all those petiole working outside! I'll talk to you soon :)

  6. Poor Wayne. He must have been exhausted when he got home. I'm really bad with heat. It's a constant fight with hubby over the AC. He's cheap so he likes to set it at 77 degrees. That is NOT a comfortable inside temperature. When he's not looking I lower it. If he's aggravated me that day I lower it way down lol. It's worse now because ever since I was pregnant with Damien I've gotten really bad hot flashes. I thought after my hormones had finally settled after nursing Ava they would finally go away. Nope still here. Love the coloring!

  7. Hi Girl....I love your blog. Gee, you'd think I would visit it more often eh? We feel the same way about cooked peas, that's for sure. My mother made me eat them as a child, and the texture and smell of those little green beasts, ICK!!! But I enjoy them raw, just like you. That was a sweet story about hubby's ice. Not sweet in the sense he didn't get it, but sweet in the sense you felt bad and are aware of how hard he works.

  8. that little girl is just way too cute!!

    love the beans!

  9. Poor hubby in the heat! I sat out willingly in the heat yesterday to get a tan. And then...I got a burn in less than an hour!

  10. You're a better woman than me eating vegetables and being able to tell yourself they are almost chips. Wonderful coloring. Common sense and unions do not go together. Common and sense anything related to employment documentation for the government do not go together!!!


  11. I like those peas too! You know I love your coloring!

    I'm sorry Kristy wasn't able to start work. That's so frustrating, you would think if they were short staffed they'd need her help!

    I hope Wayne was able to stay cool at work today.

  12. The image kind of makes me think of a dark haired Alice in Wonderland.

    I'd eat the peas/pods - they're pretty good, but I still wouldn't call them "chips" ;)

    Unions have their place, but sometimes they don't use common sense in their rules. It's really STUPID that she even called in first (scratching head here). Perhaps the mgr. needed more training than they got.

    My hubby can relate to your hubby on these scorching days. He's on black rooftops working on businesses air conditioners. He always tells me that my bad day of mishaps in the air conditioning is still better than a good day of his job in 100+ sun. He couldn't be more right.

  13. Mmmmmm....I just love to eat peas this way too. This past weekend I was eating them straight from my Mum's garden! Aren't they the best when they are fresh and crunchy like this! =)

  14. Cute, cute image you have colored up there.

    Those peas look scrumptious. Yum. If you like a bit of sweet and crunchy try some Sugar Snap Peas. They have a natural sweetness and all the crunch you crave :-)

    Hope your daughter wasn't too bummed about her delay in starting work. I'm sure she will show her value immediately to her job.

    Your Wayne is an awesome guy.



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