Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Thief Among Us

Not a happy post today.
If there is something I can not tolerate in this world it is liars the thieves.
Liars I just stay away from.
But thieves come  after you and there is no way to escape them.

Well we found out a couple of weekends ago that we have a thief at our little piece of paradise.
Remember the gas that was stolen a few weeks ago.
Well that same weekend Wayne realized that someone was also stealing our wood.
These rows were all even with each other.
As you can see in the first photo that the first row is a lot lower then the second one. You can even tell by the colour difference of the ends of the wood on how high it was.
So I thought I would take a photo of the woodpile that weekend.

Then I took a photo of that same wood pile this weekend.
See the difference?
The right hand side of the first row is down even more.
And like I stated they all started even to the highest row.

 Not only does this anger me because Wayne and I cut, split and piled every piece of this wood. Which is a lot of work.
But whoever is stealing it, is someone who we thought of as a friend.
It is someone who has a camp/home here.
Someone who we have invited to our nightly fires, shared our laughter and company with on a regular basis.
Someone we thought of as a friend.
And because of this person, we had put up a gate up in the driveway of our camp.
Because of this person, we are leery of trusting others around this area.
I wish I had proof of who is doing this as I would confront them.
Believe me I am not keeping my mouth shut. I have informed others around here, of what has been happening, and that we are aware of it. Just not who we think is doing it, as we don't have any solid proof.
I don't understand how anyone can think that just because you have something, that they are entitled to it.
Not only does this make me angry, it also breaks my heart.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :(


  1. That is so sad. When i was much younger, I helped my husband get in wood. We used to go through 7 or 8 cords of wood in a winter. It is hard, heavy work. The thief obviously does not like hard work!

    Sorry this is happening to you!

  2. Oh Tracy that is heartbreaking. We use to cut our own wood in Oregon and it is backbreaking work. I would be angry just as you. I hope whoever has been doing this will be found out and make restitution. I'm sorry my friend.

  3. oh i am so sorry@ i can only imagine how you feel. such a violation!

  4. Sorry about the thief! It's so disconcerting!

  5. Oh honey! It just so violating! I'm so sorry this is happening to you. My first thought was how much work it is to get the wood pile ready. :( UGH!!! I'm sending you happy thoughts and luck that this is over soon.

  6. That's terrible to have a thief and it be someone you trusted. I hope you won't have anything else taken.

  7. Man! I'm sorry to hear that your haven has been infiltrated by a lazy and unscrupulous fiend.

    If the person has any sense he would fess up about it. Most likely you win't hear a word but that person will be less evident in the community visits and get togethers. That will probably be all the proof you will get.

    Hope this is the last of your theft problems. Especially after all the hard work of chopping and stacking the wood.

    {{hugs}} Leslie

  8. Tracy, I'm so sorry. That just makes me mad for you. I hope you find out for sure who is doing this and that they stop. That is so discouraging to think this is someone that you know. :(

  9. That is just not right!
    I guess there is no way you could set up a security camera?

  10. I would find a cheap camera (one that does not look like a camera) and set it out someplace to catch the person stealing.

  11. My heart goes out to you and your family, that totally sucks! What is wrong with people anyway? I hope you get proof for your own satisfaction and to be able to warn others with a specific culprit. Hope fully nothing else gets taken :o) Big Hugs!

  12. This is just awful! I really feel for you guys and know how frustrating this must be!! I'm glad you're not keeping your mouth shut and hopefully this will stop.

  13. That's horrible, put some bad woods on top so when they come to steal next time they can't use it and hopefully they won't come again. =)

  14. I hate dishonest people. I am sorry you had to put a gate upon. But what other choice do you have to keep those thieves out?

  15. Like you, I hate dishonesty- it is even worse if you think that it is someone you know. :0/. Hope you find out, though!

  16. This is terrible. I can't believe someone would feel this is okay, especially if it someone you know. I would be so upset. I hope you find out who it is, so you can confront them, and let everyone else know who to watch out for!

  17. That's so disheartening when you work hard for things, and people just think they can take them! Our bicycles were stolen off our front porch one time, and they were even locked. They just cut them right down and took them :-(


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