Thursday, November 22, 2012

Copic Storage and Ran out of room :(

I just found out that I ran out of space to upload photos
This is how little I know about blogging and computers, after almost 3 years of blogging. I didn't know that Picasa stored my photos that I put on my blog. Because I just took them off my computer, I thought they had nothing to do with it.
Until tonight, when I tried to upload a photo and Picasa stated I didn't have any more room. Unless I want to switch to Google+ or pay for more space.
I love my blog so much I would pay the extra money for more much as I hate to as I thought Blogger was suppose to be free.
I also find it odd that the same thing just happened to Scrappymo and  I have had my blog about 2 years longer and I also post at least one photo every day.

So I got to upload this photo because it was already in my Picasa album.

Lets see if I can download or upload this video I did of my marker storage.
Well that seemed to work.
Now I just have to figure out what to do with my blog.
Will I lose my older blog posts if I switch to Google+ ?
I have noticed I can't get on some blogs...and for some reason I think they are blogs hosted on Google+.
I have no idea...I may just have to bite the bullet and pay for it :(
Any one have any ideas let me know...but just remember to keep the technical jargon to a minimun as I am a dunce in this area ;)

I thought today I would post one of my Thankful Thursdays,
But I am pretty bummed about the blog photos.
1. Working from home.
2. The nice weather we have been having..but we are getting freezing rain right now.
3. My hubby for not being to picky on what we had for supper tonight, teehee.

I hope you all have had a creative Thursday.  What are you thankful for today?
Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends :)

Tracy :)


  1. Tracy, I had heard that there is a finite amount that you can load in pics with blogger (in terms of size of files) or you eventually have to upgrade. I started to resize mine using picmonkey which is super EASY to use. No suggestions once you have reached the amount and have to pay for upgrading though. :0( email me if you want more info and I can link you up to where I got the info from.

  2. hey tracy, I pay the money for the extra storage space. i have heard people lost some stuff switching to google + so i just paid!

    oh i just love all your copics!!

  3. Hi Tracey, I ran into the same problem a while back. I got around having to pay by saving my pics in a smaller size before uploading them. I resize them in Paint so that the largest number of pixels for either length or width isn't more than 800. Hope that made sense. It's worked so far. I can load all the pics I want and still don't pay for blogger. :)

  4. Oh No! and reading with interest the replies your getting - better think about doing that with mine too, I've only been going a little while but its good to know what could happen. TFS

  5. Hi Tracy! I had this problem too. I didnt want to pay for extra space so I created a photobucket account. Upload your photos there. When you post on your blog and you get to the part to add your picture add it from the URL photobucket gives it.

  6. Wow that sure is alot of your collections of copic makers.

  7. Great copic storage - I LOVE how they are buckled in! haha I was going to say the same as most others regarding storage - if you resize your photos b/f uploading you should beable to upload with no problem. {I do mine through paint,as well - I resize to 400-600 pixels!} Best of luck!

  8. Wow! That's a lot of Copics! You always do such a beautiful job utilizing them. :-)

  9. 1. That is a heck of a lot of markers!

    2. I'm sorry you've seemed to have reached your Blogger photo limit. It has happened to a few friends of mine. The photobucket idea is a good one - I never thought of that.

    I hope you can get it figured out!

    1. I love it because I dont have to mess up the quality of my photos.

  10. Wow you have a lot of markers, love the way you store them. I ran into the same problem this week. I figured most people don't go back past two years on my blog so I want back and deleted some really old photos, I think next time I will just pay for the upgrade so I don't lose anything.

  11. Gorgeous! Jealous of your Copic stash, I don't have any because they're just not worth it since I don't color very much at all, but I always drool. :-) TFS!

  12. The same thing happened to me and I switched to Google + and HATED it :( so I switched back and paid the extra money for storage, but it was only $5. The resizing thing sounds like a good idea everyone else is talking about.

  13. Ah photo bucket well that helps to know as I already have one. YAY, but doubt if I will ever fill blogger. Ha ha and have another as back up. tee hee.

  14. I upload all of my photos to photobucket and link from there. I always have ever since I had a regular website (not a blog).

  15. Warm and fuzzy, warm and fuzzy! How can all those colors not make you smile. I sometimes sit and stare at my collection just because. Scary enough I started a new collection of copic refills and a new collection of markers. Some people take drugs, some people drink, some people smoke, I collect markers to look at the pretty colors. I win!

  16. This happened to me a few months ago, and I freaked out! I didn't realize they were saved in Picasa, and even if you delete or resize them after they are stored, you've used your "quota" and it's gone for good. :( I went ahead and upgraded to the extra storage for $2.49 per month. I also started resizing to 800 pixels. I just wish I'd known this before!!! I'd only been blogging for a year when it happened! LOL

  17. Hi Tracey...I am re-sizing all my photos now and it seems i am not using up the last .35% of space I have left.
    I know of about 6 people who "reached their limit" this past weekend. One lady showed that she was only up to 69% but she still was frozen to upload.

    I find it weird that i hardly post compared to some people and reached my limit so fast. i never upload videos, I post way less often than most and poof all my storage is gone!


  18. Looks like "blog-land" is coming to your rescue. Great information you are getting from them. I sure do hope you find a work around for your photo attaching.

    Fantastic video on your Copic storage. I'm sure it will come in quite handy for those that collect and use them. Awesome tips you have here.

    Love you - Leslie

  19. I went to google+ and hated it like Becky. Especially because no one could find my blog anymore!

    Now I pay the $2 or $3 a month for more picasa storage. I was holding out for a long time, but just the other day, I had to buy it.

    Oh well, I like my blog, so I'm not going to worry too much!

    I love your marker storage bag! I have a very similar bag, only mine doesn't have that awesome tray on the bottom - that is very cool!


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