Saturday, November 24, 2012

Whats next Thanksgiving in a Box!!

Its our Fakesgiving :)
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What's Next Thanksgiving in a Box!
Do you remember that commercial?
I was checking out YouTube, but I can't find it. But then again, I don't remember what the commercial was about. I just remember the ol' lady stating "Whats Next Thanksgiving in a Box" lol.
With the joys I have of cooking, yup that's what we had for our Fakesgiving :)

Actually we had two ;) Even though this year it was just Wayne, our girls, Blake (Kristy's boyfriend) and me. Small group this year, but that's how I wanted it this year...sorry family.
The reason we had these is because I hate to throw food away. I don't mind spending money on food, even overspending, but if I have to throw it in the trash because it went bad before anyone ate it, that really gets under my skin.
The last few turkey's we had, I ended up throwing the rest of the turkey out because no one ate it, and I wasn't in the mood to make broth or turkey soup. So I figured I would try this out.
It wasn't that bad actually. The sad thing was... I didn't get any skin. I love my crunchy turkey skin. I know, I know, its not good for me. But as I am carving the turkey I am peeling the skin off and eating it, lol. My family gives me heck for this all the time.

We had a few different desserts.
I bought Wayne a pumpkin pie. He love pumpkin pie, and no one else does. So I thought I would give him a treat.
Kristy made her famous apple crisp.
And I made my blueberry cheese cake, with my hand picked blueberries from our cottage, yummy :)

Onto My Day:
I got to sleep in. Thankfully Wayne drove Kristy to work for 7:00 am.
I picked her up at 1:00.
I caught up on my emails and coloured for a bit today :)
Wayne is watching the Notre Dame game.
A pretty low key day. Just how I like it :)

I hope you all have had a creative Saturday :)



  1. The cheesecake looks delicious! Wonder if it mails well? lol

  2. Looks like a perfect solution to me! I'm love the blueberry cheesecake...yum


  3. Turkey in a box? That's a first, but hope you enjoyed it. We're still picking away at leftovers and I even gave Kirsten lots to take home too. I'll take the apple crisp, as I am not a cheesecake fan. And I'll eat pumpkin, but it's not a favourite.

  4. Happy Fakesgiving ! Love the look of the cheesecake. We don't eat turkey in our house, usually because of the waste, only the breast meat gets eaten. Christmas, we always order a lovely big chicken, well as big as you can get anyways:-) Glad you had a nice time. Family is what I miss at this time of year, it's just us until my kids get married and have kids LOl!

  5. happy fakesgiving! hope you all had a great day! that cheesecake looks awesome!!

  6. I've heard about Turkey in a box, it's already pre-cooked and you just re-heat it in the oven.
    Had it last year from our Safeway store on the island...
    Your desserts sounds so delish....
    Apple crisp do you have a recipe to share on this would love to try it - love apples....

    1. This one wasn't pre-cooked, so I had to do a bit of work, lol. Besides the potatoes, stuffing and gravy. Oh wait hubby did that ;)

  7. Sounds logical to me! Glad you enjoyed your day! :)

  8. Looks like you had a great time - we are ok on the turkey...but when it comes to Christmas so few of us like Christmas pudding that it really isn't worth making one....fortunately my Mum now makes us all profiteroles as she just makes gorgeous ones (it all comes from when we were young and they used to have dinner parties and make them, and leave them for us to eat for breakfast in the we only ever got them after dinner parties! - real treat :))

  9. Went that turkey route one year when it was just the 5 of us and we were traveling the next day. The gravy and stuffing werenot near as good as ours.
    The sale went well! I made. Ore this year, so have more to sell yet.

  10. Happy Fakesgiving :) I think those turkey breasts look good, but I'm with you, I LOVE the skin too! My mom, sister and I fight over it LOL!

  11. I love the turkey in a box idea. It makes sense, I hate throwing out food too!

    We didn't get any leftovers, because one of the guests took them ALL. Way more than she and her boyfriend could eat (I'm talking pounds of turkey, all of the sides, everything!) She even brought her own tupperwares to accomplish this feat.

    She left the host with almost nothing. Not even enough for dinner the next day (and the poor host had to work on Friday alllll day and was so looking forward to a leftovers dinner!)

    And the girl who hosted was so busy doing dishes, she didn't even realize it was happening!

  12. I am not above turkey in a box, so no judgment here. In fact, I buy a turkey in a bag and you put the whole thing in the oven, frozen, bag and all, without ever having to touch the bird.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I remember that commercial. Lol! Its for stove top oven classics. On YouTube the video for it is called stove top ladies.

  15. I remember that commercial. Lol! Its for stove top oven classics. On YouTube the video for it is called stove top ladies.


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