Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Password Journal

I got to create today :)
Well actually I create everyday. It may not be a full project, but this mind of mine does not stop coming up with ideas.
Today I have made a Password Journal.
I have used Graphic 45 papers and a gorgeous flower from Theresa of my Design Team, Enchantments Scrapbooking & More.
I have also used this pretty brad that I attached like a paper clip.

I had seen this idea about a year ago on Robyn's channel Injoystampin. I was planning on making one then, but it got pushed aside. Then when I went to visit my friend Schell's blog and she had done one. So I figured there is no better time then now.
That and when Ashley helps me with stuff on the computer she asks me what my password is and I can never remember, lol.
Not only did I make this for myself, but this is also a Design Team project for Enchantments Scrapbooking & More.

I had to come up with a template so I could get all the pages the same.
After trial and error and not getting what I wanted. I checked out the Internet for a template on a page design...I found one :)  Wish I would have tried that first ;)
Here is the layout of the page, but you have to print up the words 

Here is a Video I did on this project.

Onto My Day:
Another migraine hit me this didn't last that long so that was good.
I have been suffering from a toothache the last week or so. At first I just thought maybe my tooth is sensitive....denial, lol.
I had bought some Sensodyne toothpaste to see if it would help, nope.
Then today it seemed to go away...but then I remembered Wayne phoned me to make sure I took something for my migraine, so I think the Ibuprofen helped it.
But I have to say that it feels like the many times I have had to get a root canal. For some reason I am pron to them :(
I guess I am phoning the dentist tomorrow to see when I can get in.

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)
I did :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love that journal idea-it's a good one because I forget my passwords all the time since I use different ones everywhere. Sorry about the migraine and toothache. Both of those really suck.

  2. Great idea! I have mine scribbled in my scrapbook challenges notebook. I use the inside of the cover.cover but then I have to rewrite it every time I fill a journal...about once a year. Drag!

    Yours looks great. That template is perfect.

  3. Oh no I hope you get it fixed soon - I hate toothache...let alone migraines. A beautiful mini book and great idea :)

  4. Love that journal-idea,love the papers too:)

    Hope you are feeling better now:):)


  5. This is a wonderful idea! Love it! If I had something this pretty I might actually put my passwords in it rather than thinking I'll just remember it.

  6. you are brillant!! i totally have to do this!!

  7. What a great idea! Hmm....may need to put that on my "to make" list! LOL!! Thanks for the inspiration (and thank your friend too)!!

  8. Love this idea!!! I have so many passwords, this would be great! I would probably lose the journal though and be sh#t out of luck. Lol! Sorry about your migraine, two days in a row are the worst. At least this one didn't last all day.

  9. Fabulous journal and what a great idea! I love the papers and yep that flower is awesome. Hope you are feeling better today.

  10. Ok, I really need one of these!
    I am always forgetting usernames and passwords!
    Although like Becky, I would probably use it and it would fall in the wrong hands :p

    So sorry about your migranes. Although I have to say I suffer from tooth pain when I have congestion or a lot of sinus trouble.

  11. i did one about two years ago and i had to write inside but this idea is awesome im on it and will be making me one and some a christmas gift, i know in this day and age everyone is bombarded with passwords...thanks for the idea...

  12. Great idea! I too saw this on Robyn's channel, I am a fan of Robyn and love her projects and still haven't made one, guess I should though as I have so many passwords to remember!

    Glad your migraine went away, Yuk on the tooth problem and hope it's not a root canal...

  13. So useful! I would still have to write my passwords in code! lol

  14. me again...I did the same thing last night! They looked at me like I was crazy and watched me like I was going to damage it!!! hahahahah

  15. Hope you feel better soon! Love your mini book, the papers and embellishments are beautiful. I have to ink all my edges too ;D

  16. This is such a good idea and so pretty too. Sure beats my typed up list on an 8 1/2x11. LOL!

  17. I need a journal like that too I am always forgetting passwords :)

  18. I saw this on your video this morning. This is a super cool idea. And let's face it, you never know what may happen that in an emergency someone might need to access your accounts.

  19. So pretty! Cannot watch the video, Internet acting out and stopping every. Second. Poop. :0(

  20. Your password journal looks great! I'll be making one too. =D I hope you feel better, migraine and toothache are blahh... hehe..

  21. Your password journal looks great. I need one of these, as what we use is falling apart. Sorry you were suffering with another migraine.

  22. I love this! We don't have one, but we could so use one!

    I'm sorry about your migraine and your tooth ache. I am suffering from a migraine as I type. But I'm at work, so I just have to roll with it! Except I kind of want to cry and go to sleep on my desk. Probably wouldn't be a good idea though!

  23. Love this little journal! Man, my brain is no longer a steel trap like it used to be. With the advent of smart phones I can't remember anyone's phone number any more! Nor their addresses! Passwords are something I have trouble remembering as well so this comes just at the right time for me.

    Love that Graphic 45 paper. Sorry you have been having a tooth ache and now a migraine. Hope they both get better.

    Love - Leslie

  24. Cute cute cute. I love it. I really need one of those so I can remember my passwords. I am forever resetting my passwords.

  25. Great idea. I have most of my passwords written down on whichever notebook is closest to me at the time that I create them. Then I have to frantically search through all of them to find the info later. LOL I really need a password journal. Thanks for sharing. If you would like, I can create templates for the pages and send the PDF file to you to use and share.
    Thanks again, Jani


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