Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Whatcha Doin'

I got to do some baking tonight.
We had 4 over-ripe bananas, 2 more so then the others ;)
So I decided to make banana bread. The girls love chocolate chips in theirs and I like nuts in mine, tonight I used sliced almonds, yummy. Wayne..he's not picky ;)

This is about 3 minutes after I called down to the girls that I had warm banana bread upstairs, lol.
Looks like a bunch of animals went at the chocolate chip one ;)

Onto My Day:
Today was a pretty laid back day for me, I wasn't feeling up to par. Plus I had to make a few business calls.

So I thought I would leave you with some Whatcha Doin' questions ;)

Listening - Wayne complaining that he can't get the needle threaded...he is mending his work pants.
Eating -  Just finished a piece of banana bread ;)
Drinking - water
Wearing - jammies and my robe
Weather -pretty chilly
Wanting -  to go to sleep
Needing - a warm tub
Thinking -about all the projects I want to make and if I should start a new YouTube channel for my organizing missions
Enjoying - just knowing my family is all in our home safe and sound.....well maybe not sound, I hear the girls laughing downstairs.

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I haven't been feeling up to par for a few months now. I have to go see a couple of new specialists. I'm not usually a complainer but when you know something is wrong, you know something is wrong. Now on to the watcha doin'?:

    Listening - to the dogs panting at my feet because they want my Peanut Butter M&M's
    Eating - Hmmm, could it be the all fantabulous Peanut Butter M&M's I've mentioned 3 or 4 times now?
    Drinking - Diet Snapple to Go packet in a 24oz Tervis tumbler with lid and straw, not travel top. For some reason I can't get the liquid into my mouth with that thing.
    Wearing - Oversized Red t-shirt and heather gray cropped leggings. This way when it's 1pm and somebody rings my doorbell they can't tell that I'm still technically in my pajamas.
    Weather - Crisp and a little chilly but not too cold yet.
    Wanting - to be able to lose 15lbs overnight while I sleep.
    Needing - to go on a diet and some socks because my tootsies are cold!
    Thinking - about where my mojo went and how terrified I am at the thought that I turn 40 in a day and a half and I still feel like I'm 20, except a lot smarter (common sense wise) and I like my self a lot more and which horror flick I'm watching tonight and .... well that's ADHD for you LOL!

  2. Skipped out on a SU! Club meeting so I could shake my headache. :0(
    My kids like cc too and I like pecans! And you said you do not cook! Was going to make cookies, but headache mostly gone and survivor starts in 20...

  3. I was busy at work today and then visited the grocery store. I even offered the bagger to come home with me to put everything away. He wasn't taking me up on the offer.

  4. That banana bread looks so yummy:-) LOL - picturing Wayne threading a needle - my hubby wouldn't even know where to start! :-) Have a fabulous day. TFS

  5. oh my hubby would love a slice--looks awesome- i might have to make him some!

  6. Those looks delicious! I love the currently posts.

  7. Love, love, love banana bread.
    Especially with chocolate chips! :)
    I am currently blogging but will be heading off to work on closet organization soon!

  8. Yeah, I take it the chocolate chip was a big hit! Yum!

  9. Looks yummy! I'm about to make some pumpkin chocolate chip breads.

  10. Oh my goodness that looks so good! My empty/gurgling stomach is not thanking you for the pictures...

  11. Mmm, that looks so good! I bet it's all gone by now, isn't it? :) Hope you had a good nights sleep and are feeling better today!

  12. I NEED to make some banana bread too. Have 2 that are good and over ripe!

  13. Yummy, I love banana bread and although I put chocolate chips in my banana muffins, I have never thought of throwing some in my loaf, next time....thanks for the idea

  14. Oh so yummy looking. My daughter and I had a Netflix marathon today. Our new fave is Hart of Dixie! Laura

  15. That banana bread looks amazing!

    I'm impressed that Wayne mends his own pants! I can barely mend mine, so I can't imagine AJ trying to do it (oh wait...yes I can, and now I'm laughing while my students who are taking exams stare at me like I'm crazy!)

  16. Man! Whatcha doin is making me stand in front of the refrigerator with the door wide open. Looking for something that will make the drool stop after seeing the cheesecake (previous post) and now the banana breads. That is what I'm doin :D

    Love you - Leslie

  17. ooo... look so yummy!!! Let me know when you have a new channel, I'll sub for sure ;-)


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