Monday, November 5, 2012

Defunkifying your Life pt 7 Dresser

For today I am going to defunkify my dresser.
If your family is like mine, then they like to put odds and ends on any flat surface.
Yes I am including me in this as well ;)
Here is a photo of the nice and tidy dresser.

 And GASP this is the photo of the before the clean up of my dresser.
Lets see what we have stacked on top of here shall we ?
Tax papers that need to be filed.
Guest Journal for the cottage.
Bags and ribbon for wrapping.
Jewelry cleaner....papers, I always have papers, and honestly I have no idea what else was on there, lol.

Here it is again all nice, clean and organized :)
Some things I like to keep on my dresser:
My lotions and potions.
A mommy book my girls got me years ago and a friends book. Both have nice inspirational sayings in them.
I also have a photo of Wayne and I when we got engaged, and a photo of my baby girls.

Tips to organizing your Dresser:
1. Remove-Take everything off of your dresser
2. Clean- use some cleaner and wipe down the dresser, mirror, shelves.
3. Sort- Everything you want to keep
4. Purge- Get rid of anything you no longer love, or need.
5- Organize- Put away and organize the remaining items.
  Are your other areas still looking organized?

 If you want to check out the other defunkifying challenges.. click here and I will take you there.

Onto My Day :
As you know I was planning on playing in my craft/scrap room all day...yeah, that didn't happen.
I ended up working all day. Such is life.
 Tomorrow is another day to play....I hope.
I am yet again, kicking my Coca-Cola habit. So right now I am so tired and have a bit of a headache, so wish me luck....I am going to try only having a can of Coke on the weekends.

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)
Now go and clean the top of your dresser :)

Tracy :)


  1. Your dresser is looking good...I did all those kind of jobs before the surgery and I am sure glad that I did. I didn't want to be sitting around recuperating wishing I could be cleaning or organizing etc.
    I must say it has been nice to lounge around and admire how nice it looks...You must be finding that as well.

    Good luck with the coke...I am a diet coke one time about 8 cans a day in the heat of summer at the RV. Anything over 32 degrees celcius ad I am reaching constantly for a diet coke. I have got it down to 1 a day but always creep backup...I think I am 2 or 3 a day right now...uggggh! It is such a bad habit!

    You are dong great to make it to weekends only...that would be my dream!!!

  2. I do that too. Every horizontal surface is at risk of becoming a big junk pile. I seriously need to defunkify my craft room. If you like tea, sometimes that helps me with the caffeine DTs.

  3. looks awesome! i just started my dresser over the weekend- i have 2 more drawers to go!!

  4. Day 7 already! I need to catch up. That dresser looks exactly like my sons! Good reminder I need to do something about it on this rainy day. Stay strong on not drinking your coke and hope you have a fun crafty day!

  5. It's always a nice feeling after you dejunkify! :)

  6. Great job on the dresser. Junk always end up on my kitchen table --lots of unused space with only the two of us around. I worked too!!!!

  7. Oh my, it looks so clean now!
    But that is such a good feeling!
    I need to try your closet defunkify because I have one I have been trying to get cleaned out and organized for over a year.
    It is just so overwhelming how much crap is in there!

  8. Your dresser looks great!

    Mine looks very much like the "before" picture!

    We are supposed to clean up the bedroom this weekend. Like we were supposed to do every single weekend and never ever do!

    I hope you are able to be crafty today. Good luck with your no coke during the week challenge! I'm trying to drink less soda too. It doesn't always work!

  9. I like how you post the clean picture twice :) it looks great!! Good luck with coke!

  10. I especially love to put things on flat surfaces in the guest room where I don't have to look at it! LOL. It's amazing how a little de-funkifying can make such a difference. Hope you see your craft room soon! :)

  11. Yeah, we suffer from "Flat Surface Syndrome" at our house too. It can be a debilitating disease! LOL! My dresser hasn't gotten as bad as it used to be, but it still needs help. I need to purge the little decor trinkets and it's loaded with my perfume bottle collection.

  12. My dresser is usually quite clear - its the first two drawers of the dresser that need to be defunked - or should I say dejunked! Great post Tracy:-)

  13. I don't have a dresser, but my parents does and yeap. It's has all kinds of stuff on the top. hehe... Good job cleaning the dresser!

  14. looks great. mine is all put on hold again. I tell ya I might have to hire a cute little gal to come do it for me. any takers? LOL j.k.

  15. Our dresser has stuff that I am not sure where I want to put is not as bad now that dh sorted through clothes and wwe no longer have his piles of shirts that do not fit in the drawer.

  16. Beautiful dresser you have. When I first saw it I thought "I'd love to have one like that!". Then I got to thinking of all the time I am away from home. That beautiful dresser would leave a lot of space for Joe to leave me love notes in the dust ;-)

    Good for you tackling your "Defunkifying" challenges one at a time!

    Love you - Leslie


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