Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Defunkifying My Life-Mission 9..The bathroom drawers

Who would have thought I could take this many photos of my drawers...not me, teehee.
 These are the after photos...aren't they so pretty and organized :)

  Here it is before I cleaned it up...see it needed some help.

One thing I do like that I had done years ago was put in these smaller white containers that I bought from the dollar store.
What I also did was put a couple of pieces of Velcro on the bottoms of the containers so they don't move around when the drawers are opened.
I put the soft part of the Velcro on the actual drawer bottoms, so when I want to clean the drawers the soft part of the Velcro won't rip your rag or paper towel.

  So lets dig the dirt on this drawer shall we ;)

As you can see it has a mish mash of everything. Nail polish, new tooth brush, nail polish, hotel soaps, nail polish, emery boards...umm nail polish.
The sad thing is, this isn't even close to all of our nail polishes. And Ashley and I are the only ones that wear it :0

You know the drill...take everything out, wipe out the drawer and purge, purge, purge.
No nail polishes were hurt during the purging of this drawer ;)

The smaller container holds things for my bath times. I am big on taking relaxing tubs. I light a candle (see the pink lighter), run a hot bath and read a book, magazine and even have a little nap in the tub :)

This drawer doesn't look as bad..but it was gross. I hate hair. I like the hair that I have on my head, but I hate loose hair or wet hair, just don't like to touch it or have it wrap around my fingers... Blech. Funny that at one time I wanted to be a hair dresser, lol.

See told you...Gross.

This photo doesn't even show the amount of hair that was in this drawer.
You know how people with more then one pet complain about the hair they have to sweep up. I think I have them beat...4 females live in this house and we all have long hair.
By the time I had finished wiping out this drawer my face was sore from the disgusted face I was making.
See those white squares? Those are the Velcro pads.

I threw away all the elastics that were shot..as in no more elasticity. And the ones the girls don't like, such as the real thin ones or the ones with sparkle in them.
I put the pins...or bobby pins as my mom called them, in a small container that has a lid.
I put the elastics on a clamp. So they are nice and contained.
I washed the combs and the brushes, that was a chore in itself.

Here they are all nice and neat and organized.

Tips to organizing your Bathroom Drawers:

1. Remove-Take everything out of your drawers. I did one drawer at a time.

2. Clean: Wipe down the the insides and outsides of your drawers.

3. Purge- Throw away anything that is expired.
Get rid of sample products, and products that you will never use, or anything that is broken, or unusable to you. There were some hair ties that my girls would never wear now as they are older. So I got rid of them.
Also get rid of items that you have to many of. We had way to many hair ties, I had room to store them all in here, but decided we really didn't need that many.
Nail polish is an exception to this rule ;)

4. Sort- Put like things together. All the hair ties are all in one space, not all over. The bobby pins are in their own container. The things I use for my baths have their own spot. I don't have to go searching for a lighter for my candle.
It is easier to find something when you need it, plus hopefully your family won't keep bugging you as they will be able to find things as well ;)

5- Organize- Put away and organize the remaining items.

  Are your other areas still looking organized?
How did you do with the last mission Medicine Cabinet ?

I will share the bottom cupboard on another day :)
Not go and clean your drawers ;)

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I have those things too! And the hAir-ew. And in MY drawers, it is all mine and it is ew...looks like this will get me defunking my drawers my next day off! ;0)
    Wow!! Lots of kinds of polish!

  2. This makes me want to clean my drawers out too! But I'm the only female in the house so I know all the hair will be mine LOL! Leigh:)

  3. Great job Tracy...you clean and organize with the same methods that I use...teehee

    I don't know why my sister doesn't like snowmen. I only found out as over the years I had bought tree ornaments for my Mum and her for theri stockings. One year I gave a snowman ornament and my daughter gave her a serving plate and bowl that had a snowman on them. She gave them back and said she hated snowmen, had always hated them and didn't want them thannks very much.

    I now only buy her equestrian tree ornaments...I did a blog post about her equestrian tree and equestrian decorating!

  4. I have to do this one so often. I do have dividers but everything just gets messed up after a while so I have to put the stuff back where it's supposed to be.

  5. Girl, you don't even want to see my bathroom drawers! And, I lose enough hair for 4 people. Ugh! My husband wishes he could reuse it for himself. LOL! I guess my first step is to go get some dividers & do a lot of purging.

  6. you are on a roll!!! love all the little baskets!! i need to go to the dollar store and pick some of these up

  7. Yep! My bathroom drawers could use some organizing like that.
    I actually am doing a closet in Erin's room thanks to you :)
    I have photos going up on the blog tomorrow!

  8. Oh! I so need one of those containers for my nail polishes. Great idea.

  9. Those bins are perfect for drawer organization!

  10. I really need to organize thanks for the tips :)

  11. I need to do this in my kids' bathroom - it's disgusting. Normally I just stay out of there. LOL. Thanks for all the great tips!

  12. You are making so much progress! Great tips for today - I need to velcro down my baskets too! :)

  13. Oh my goodness ... Are you nesting or stressing. But you are Very productive for sure. Great job. Laura. Www.whosthischick.com

  14. This looks awesome!! I love the tip about the velcro. I hate when I open the drawer and everything slides all over the place!

    You have lots of nail polishes! I love it! We have tons too - and I don't even paint them on my own anymore! I just bring my polishes in when I get my nails done!

  15. I love that Velcro idea, and the smaller containers inside the drawers. So smart! I hate hair too. Ugh!

  16. Your drawers look fabulous! Organizing things make me very happy!

  17. Such a great idea! Love what you have done here!!

  18. Hi honey, I'm here *waves wildly* Sorry I'm so far behind in blogs and videos I feel like I'm missing all of my friends. I just caught up on all of your past posts. Great job on your defunkifying! Wanna come do my house next? Every time I do it it gets messed up almost immediately. Nobody knows how to put anything back where they took it from and leaves it out for me to put away or puts it away in a completely random spot. I finally have my craft room almost clean and my kids area is completely done, now I just have to work on my daughters room and paint my sons room. Have I mentioned how much I hate to paint.

  19. I love to see your "De-Funkifying" missions. I've got to get myself in gear and do some of that. Home for a little while now and will have the time to do it.

    Thanks for all the tips you leave. There are many young people that are living on their own for the first time and are searching for answers to keeping organized. You are doing them a great, huge, favor.

    Love you - Leslie

  20. I like how you put them in small containers. I need to do something similar with my hair ties too hehe..


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