Monday, November 12, 2012

Defunkifying My Life-Mission 8..The Medicine Cabinet

Here is another Defunkifying your Life mission :)

Today I worked on Defunkifying my Bathroom cabinets. After painting this room last weekend, I wanted to go deep and give it a good deep cleaning.
Don't they look all nice and organized :)

Here is the before photo.
They are not that bad, but the top shelves were dangerous. Being as short as I am, I had to jump up on the counter to get anything out of those shelves.
And they were so packed with product that things would fall off the shelves, sometimes even when I just opened for cover, lol.

Here is a close up of the messy cabinet. I really got rid of a lot of expired and some empty containers....why oh why is everyone in my family scared to throw anything away, lol.

Here it is all nice and organized.
I bought a basket to contain everything on the top shelf. This way I can take the whole basket down instead of jumping on the counter.
On the second and third shelves I have these pull out drawer storage containers and have them labeled.

The labels are:
*Shaving-this holds Waynes razor and electric shaver
*After shave- self explanatory.
*Test strips and lancets- Wayne doesn't have diabetes, but he did have high sugar levels years ago, so the doctor suggested that he test his blood every once in awhile as diabetes runs in his family.

Next container labels are:
*Nails- holds nail files, nail clippers and special brushes for when Ashley and I do our nails.
*Travel- tooth brush caps, travel floss, disposable razors
*Conditioners-hair conditioners that we get in a box of hair dye. There is just something with this conditioner that makes our hair so soft.

Here is the messy right hand side of our medicine cupboards.
Lots of crap on the first 2 shelves.
I am a bit anal about things matching. So I ran out last night to get another one of these drawer container...I couldn't find one anywhere.
My friend Debbie to the rescue.  I was telling her about my dilemma and she knowing my obsessive tendencies, told me she had one and I could have it.  I can't tell you how much happiness that gave me :)

Top shelf is another container to keep everything contained. I had to go to 2 different dollar stores to find two of the same containers...yup obsessive ;)
Is it odd that the nail polish in the box bothers me because the bottle is backwards, lol.

Okay onto the contents in the pull out drawers
*Cotton Balls-cotton balls ;)
*Q-Tips-q tips ;)
*Band-aids- band aids ;)

Next container labels :
*Dental Hygiene- floss, floss picks
*First Aid- polysporin, vitamin E, gauze, gauze tape, finger splinter, oral thermometer
*Cold Medicine- Vicks vapor rub, vicks nose spray, cough candies

Lets look and the completed, organized cabinets shall we :)
Another reason why I like these containers is that it is so easy to take them all out to wipe down the inside of the cabinets. Anything to make cleaning easier is a good thing :)
I will show you the lower cabinets on a later day, as I think I have over whelmed you enough today, lol.

Tips to organizing your Medicine Cabinets:
1. Remove-Take everything out of your cabinets. To make it less stressful (or if you have limited time) do one shelf at a time.

2. Clean- Wipe down all the shelves the the sides and tops. I actually did the outside of the cabinets as well.

3. Purge- Throw away anything that is expired. If you keep meds in here and they are expired, bring them to a pharmacy as they will dispose of them properly. We personally don't keep meds in our bathroom due to the moisture.
Get rid of sample products, and products that you will never use. That hair product you spent so much money on, but you didn't like it...chuck it out.
If you are worried about all these containers going in the landfill, empty them and recycle the bottles.
Be ruthless, you want to make as much room in here as you can.

4. Sort- Put like things together. It is easier to find something when you need it, plus hopefully your family won't keep bugging you as they will be able to find things as well ;)

5- Organize- Put away and organize the remaining items.

  Are your other areas still looking organized?
How did you do with the last mission Your Dresser top?

I hope your aren't overwhelmed. You have a whole week to work on the medicine cabinet/ get to work ;)

I hope you all have a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Awesome job with your defunkifying mission! The cabinets looks great and oh so wonderfully organized.


  2. You are FABULOUS! We have drawers in the bathrooms, mine could really use a wipe down. I have been pretty good about getting rid of stuff that time has passed by. ;0) I am sure that my kids' bathroom could use some sorting through! My girls have collections of bath stuff they never use that could be gotten rid of. They are not into make up, hair, anything. They do not take after their mom, lol!

  3. You are too are so much like....meeeeee! I would have to have the 3 drawer shelves match too and would go to another dollar store to get the matching container...hahaha
    too funny!

  4. That looks so organized! I am short too, and remember climbing on counters. Now I'm old AND short so I use a step stool.

  5. You are an organized person. I did this a couple of years ago when I repaibted my bathroom. Now, it is time to do my kitchen.

  6. what a great idea on the organizing containers!! love that!! tfs!

  7. These look great. The bathroom cabinets can so easily get overloaded with expired and unused stuff. Wonderful job at cleaning yours up so neatly.

  8. Very nice!
    You completely inspired me to clean out and organize the closet in Erin's room. Still in progress, but getting done finally :)

  9. Totally awesome Doesn't it feel so good when you get it all done. But then I don't want to touch anything again to mess it up, lol

  10. Your cabinets look great! I am the same way about things matching. I would have gone to the same store multiple times.

    You know those little jars on my desk? I bought way more than I needed and keep the extras stored away in case I ever need more than I have. I was afraid they'd stop making them, then my desk wouldn't match anymore!

  11. Oh my gosh - This is EXACTLY what I need to do in our master bathroom. The linen closet and cabinets are a mess!

  12. Your medicine cabinet looks great! (did you go turn around the nail polish after your blog post? Lol) We don't have a medicine cabinet, just lower cabinets and drawers. It would be nice to have one!

  13. It looks awesome, nice and clean. My family afraid to throw things away too, especially my dad. He keeps everything even broken stuff lol...


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