Saturday, November 17, 2012

Half Down, Half to Go ;) And I am Not a Scrooge

Today was a great day..I got to sleep in...late :)
Wayne made sure he was home from work in time to watch college football. His favourite team is Notre Dame. I don't care to watch it, but its funny how when I see them running with the ball, I yell..Run, run, run. LOL.
But then I ask...was that your team?

We ran out to get some treats and kitty litter...oh what a great combination, lol.
So I picked up this cheesecake sampler. Not sure if it can be considered a sampler as the servings are full size.
Can you tell my family loves cheesecake, as we ate half of it. We are like scavengers, we all sit around it with forks and just dig in, lol.
It was funny as when I went into Kristy's room to tell her I picked up some cheese cake, she sat up straight, yelled and ran out of her room, teehee.

Lets take a closer look, I know you want to ;)
There is Brownie Swirl, New York Style, Caramel Pecan and lastly Strawberry Sensation.
My fav's are New York Style, Strawberry Sensation and then Caramel Pecan..oh ya, and if those are gone then Brownie Swirl ;)

Onto My Day:
I slept in...just thought I would share that again, teehee.

Then I decided to put up our outdoor Christmas decor.
This was a tough decision for me. If you know me, then you know nothing Christmasy goes up until December and our Christmas tree never goes up until 12 days before Christmas.
No its not because I am a scrooge as some of my friends may think. Its because I don't want to loose the magic or anticipation of the season.
Do your remember when you were a child and would watch the toy commercials, or go to the stores and see the Christmas displays?
Well I don't want to lose that. I love to see what everyone else is making and how they are decorating, but I don't want to see it in our home until it is closer to the day.
Does that make sense?

But I did put up some of the outside decorations as the weather was really nice today.
When I usually put it out, it is freezing cold, and I am almost in tears from my fingers being so cold from wrapping the garland around the hooks. The older I get the more my hands can't function in the cold.
 But before I put the decor out, I had to tweak it a bit. I added some more colour to my pine garland by adding some Christmas balls to it. I also put together a simple, inexpensive wreath. I will share these on December 1st   ;)

I hope you all had a Creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. so glad to see some notre dame fans in canada! i am 3rd generation notre dame girl--my grandfather went to notre dame- my father and me!! Go Irish!! my maiden name is O'Brien!!!!!!!!!!! ND #1

    ok that cheesecake looks awesome!!!

  2. I am glad you put your stuff out while it wasn't so cold! That is what we try to do, I need to get on it! Cheesecake looks yummo!

  3. Even though you got your outside decorations up, you don't have to turn them on until Dec. Curtis and I just talked about this-him getting the outside stuff up. Because the Monday after Thanksgiving he heads to California for 3 weeks.
    Not a cheesecake fan, but the rest of my family would love that!!!!!

  4. My outdoor stuff is sitting on the porch, I am not ready to get it up either, much like your reasons! I have students that said they put up their trees last week!
    I think I like the idea of the caramel swirl.

  5. I had the strawberry sensation for my birthday! Yummy! Have a great day.

  6. Ahhhhh, cheescake...wish I lived closer!!! heehee

    you were smart to get the outdoor decorations out. I do them each year and it is no fun in the rain or the freezing weather!

  7. Yummy for my tummy!! Andy did the outside decs last week, but they don't get turned on until the 1st Dec. My inside tree usually goes up that same week:-) Have a great week Tracy.

  8. Oh man, now I want some cheesecake! That looks delicious! I know exactly what you mean about Christmas :) I have always had a VERY strict rule about not putting up the tree until the day AFTER Thanksgiving, but last year I started on the day before and this year I'm going to do the same thing. I just don't seem to have enough time to get everything done like I use to. I haven't started any Christmas crafty projects yet...

  9. My, my, you are a busy lady. Glad you got to sleep in to get your rest. The cheesecake looks delish!

    Sound thinking, getting out the Christmas decor for outside before the weather turns bad and you freeze your fingers to nubbins. Can't have that. I'll wait until December 1st, if I absolutely have to, to see your Christmas spirit :D

    Love you - Leslie

  10. Ooo, I love cheesecake too! I like New York Style, but with some fruit sauce on the side.

    It sounds like you had a great day! x

  11. Oh yummy! I begged my husband to get the lights up this weekend. It was pretty mild. But we didn't get all the yard work done, so hopefully it won't be too cold this coming weekend.

  12. I live in Notre Dame country! Everyone around here is SO excited that they are #1 right now. My step-mom worked at the university until she retired a few years ago. She would always sell her season tickets to bigger fans than herself. LOL!

    I need to organize my embossing folders, but they would all just end up sitting in a stack where they are right now anyway, so I don't bother. LOL! That doesn't mean I'm not interested in seeing how you do yours. It might be something I'd could make work for me.

  13. Cheesecake are one of the top sweet next to brownies.

  14. Good idea to put out the decorations while it's nice. My hubby insists on doing all of the outside decorating and not only does he wait for it to get freezing, he ends up doing it after dark. argh.

  15. I am the same way. I refuse to decorate, watch Christmas movies or sing Christmas songs until after Thanksgiving. Although this year, I have had a Christmas song stuck in my head for a few days - and Christmas isn't until tomorrow! I just don't want to lose the magic either!

    Usually, I help my dad with the outside decorations, but I won't be home until December 21 (at almost midnight!) this year, so he will have to do it without me. I'm pretty disappointed about that!

    The cheesecake looks amazing! I'm surprised you even have any left...cheesecake is one of my weaknesses!

  16. brownie all the way girlfriend! Can't wait to see those pretty new balls on that wreath- insert grin:D Let me guess they are red, but as cold as it is out there they should be blue.

  17. See now this is why I need to avoid your blog. Pictures like this make me gain 20 lbs on visual contact! Yup, playing catch up. I can't wait until I am back in the swing of things like my normal self. I feel like I'm constantly cleaning up after my kids. Yes, the new smaller house is easier to clean but it sure does get messy faster. I love my cheesecake plain but that carmel pecan one would go first.

    We haven't done our outside decorations yet. But last night my husband put up our tree to make sure we didn't need a new one. We had really high ceilings in the old house and had a huge artificial prelit 9ft tree. Yup, I'm lazy and I detest putting on the lights. Lucky for us the way the tree goes together we just removed the bottom two pieces and we now have a 7ft tree :D AND in front of a window where other people will actually get to see it! We also have many of those HUGE blow up ornaments because our last house was so far back from the road you could barely see anything. My husband is planning to put all 7 of them up here. One, I don't think our lawn is big enough and two were are pretty close to a main road and very visible coming from one direction that I'm sure we would cause a traffic accident!


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