Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It was a Wayne day today

Okay I kind of lied.
I said I was going to show you the project I was working on yesterday.
Well I didn't finish it.
But on the bright side, Wayne took me out to dinner.....I guess that's only the bright side for me, isn't it, lol.
As you can see I started to eat my meal before taking the photo...what!!   I was hungry ;)

Onto My Day:
Wayne had the whole day off today.
He had to get his blood work done, then he had a doctors appointment.
Then dropped into Michael's and Canadian Tire.
Then we went to the lawyer to update our wills. Haven't had them done since 1995.
I don't think the girls need guardians anymore, lol.
Then we went out for dinner.
When we came home I took a wee nap on the couch...sitting up, lol.

Day 3 of no Coca-Cola. I still have my headache, and am tired. But 3 days in a row...cold turkey...yeah for me.

I just want to send loving thoughts to my friend whose mom just suffered from a stroke. Hugs my friend.

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. No lying allowed. Yummy looking dinner. Glad you and Wayne got to spend the day with each other!

  2. Congrats on your coke progress. Hopefully the headache will pass. Your body is fighting your cold turkey approach!

  3. Keep up the good work! You are a stronger woman than I!

  4. congrats on your coke withdrawal!! i have one diet coke a day and i don't think i could cut that out! congrats

  5. Congratulations on going without soft drinks. Believe it or not, soon you won't miss them and you'll feel better. Keep strong!

  6. looks yummy!
    I gave up soda for a whole month once and made it. But lately I have been having one or two a week again.
    But the headaches did go away when I was off soda for a while :)

  7. I gave up coffe a few months ago. The first few days were a little rough, but after about a week I felt fine. Hang in there, you can do it.

  8. Looks like a yummy dinner. I can see why you forgot to take the photo. I give up sodas every so often but somehow end up getting back into the habit eventually even though I know it is terrible.

  9. What a beautiful day :) Mike and I have not had enough time together lately, so busy with activities for the kids. I could spend all day every day with him. You're doing AWESOME with the coke, keep it up!!! Hope your friend is doing okay.

  10. Your plate is making me hungry! Good for you for being 3 days cola free!

  11. I had red lobster today since we don't have Montana's. I made Mike take me out!
    good for you girl, I know you can do it.
    Thank you friend, I hope it all gets better.

  12. Your date day with Wayne sounds great!

    Yay for 3 days without Coke! That is awesome!!

    I hope your friend and her mom are doing okay.

  13. So, we're you stiff from sitting upright for your nap? ;0)


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