Thursday, November 8, 2012

Me Overprotective....nah.

I had a play date today :)
My friend Myra invited me to come to her house to show her how to colour and to make a few cards. My SIL and friend Sharon also showed up.
Poor Myra just had her second knee replacement, and I think she is getting a bit stir crazy.
So I packed up some stamps and buckled up my Copics and off I went.
Oh you think that its funny that I buckle up my markers? 
Well just think of having to slam on your brakes and your markers go flying.....picking up over 300 markers, isn't my idea of yes, I am overprotective of them, lol.
They are so pretty ;)

Here are the images I had coloured up today.
I am thinking of getting a head start on my (Gasp) Christmas cards.
If you know me, then you know I never post anything Christmas before December.
These are actually winter images...not Christmas images ;)

Onto My Day:
Funny Story...When I went to pick up Kristy from school I was early, so I took out my images to take a closer look. I didn't realize that my friend Lynn walked up to my jeep and opened the door to come and chat with me.
She went to pick up my tote with my Copics in them, but couldn't figure out why she couldn't pick it up. I told her, just a minute I have to unbuckle them.
She knows I'm a nutcase, so she just laughed and put them on her lap and sat down...I think she may have given me an odd little look as well, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Thursday.
Thankful Thursday...I haven't done one of these for a while.
1. Day 4 of no Coca-Cola
2. Spending the day with friends.
3. Easy meals....frozen pizza for the family, left overs for me.
4. A nap in a hot tub

I hope you all had a very creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Cute images! Are you coloring again tomorrow? We may have to ake pns for my day off if your up to it :)

    1. Yup colouring tomorrow night as well...when is your day off?

  2. You are giving lessons now! I wish I lived closer. :) That is a bit of gorgeousness there, all the pens lined up and the images turned out great! :)

  3. Oh, oh,oh, I am drooling over all those pens!

  4. Oh i did it too so you are not the only nut job in the world. LOL I knew I liked you;) I don't feel so wacked now. hee hee snicker.
    Thanks for being there but a little miffed I don't have this stamp:( Oh well maybe I will get one for christmas... Hugs,Pea

  5. That's actually a great idea. I would probably do the same if I had them in an open bin like that. Love the images-they came out really cute!

  6. Lovely photo:):)

    Love the image,and you have coloured them so gorgeous:):)


  7. oh my golly i just love that you buckle in the markers-- hey i would too!!!!!

    your images are so awesome!! always love your coloring

  8. I love that you had a play date, so fun!! Your "winter" images turned out beautiful ;) Lol that you buckled your babies in! You know, we have leftovers every Thursday night. We were throwing away so much food, we decided to incorporate it into our weekly meals.

  9. LOL, love that you protect your copics! :)
    And your images are so pretty!

  10. I love that image and what a cool way to multi task and have several for your Christmas cards.:-) TFS

  11. I know some ladies who are just as protective of their copics.
    I love the picture of them buckled in.

  12. What a cute image! Too funny buckling them in.

  13. Well look at that lovely bag so full of goodness!

  14. Love that you buckled your Copics lol

  15. Nice coloring. I haven't used my Copics in so long I would have to re-learn how to use them.

  16. Hahaha, I used to seatbelt in my books in college. They were so heavy that my car thought they were a person and would beep until the seatbelt was buckled! It also helped when I would have to stop quickly - all those books flying around was not fun!

  17. The girls look so good all different like that! Nope, have. It started Christmas card projects either...thinking of it , but I often THINK of it. ;0) lol on strapping down those copics! Ha! No, I would. Of want to scrabble for 300 markers either.

  18. I think you're missing a color. LOL!

  19. I think I'd put my copics in a rear facing car seat and double buckle them!!



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