Saturday, November 10, 2012

Painting...its always a good idea when your in bed.

I have been wanting to paint our main bathroom for a while now.
Last night (when my never-ending lists come about) I was determined to paint it in the morning.

So when I woke up, still in bed, I thought should I colour some images or paint the bathroom, lol.
I went downstairs, where we store our left over paints, to see what colour our bathroom is.
Guess leftover paint can for the bathroom, or a paint chip.
But I did find an almost full can of paint that was left over from our basement :)  The colour was close so I figured why not use that :)

This is the reason why I wanted to paint the bathroom. When the girls dyed their hair, they got hair dye on the wall. It looked like someone had an accident on the wall...and being it is in the bathroom, we won't go into detail what type of an accident it looks like ;)
There are stains in front of the sink as well.
I won't tell you when they did this, because then I would have to admit how long we have been looking at this ;)

So I went to work on taping the wood work..which I hate to do, but I am always the one that gets to do it....I guess I am just that good, lol.
I am also the one who gets to take off all the hardware...notice the whole in the wall..its the toilet paper holder, I didn't get mad and punch a whole in the wall.
I am also the one who gets to do all the edging.
Then Wayne comes in and does the rolling....and gets the credit for painting the room.
Something is wrong with this picture....don't ya think, lol.

I was so worried when I was edging because the paint took on a salmon undertone....oh I was not happy. Plus my ol' arthritic hands were really sore.
The girls came up and said it looked pink. No one liked it.
Wayne was ready for us to head on out in this freezing rain that we are having to get a different paint colour.
I really didn't want to go out, so I told him, lets wait. Lets finish painting and then let it dry.
If it still looks like we covered our walls with human flesh, then we will go out tomorrow.

Thankfully after it had all dried it looked like the colour I wanted. Plus we only had to do one coat...bonus :)
I rounded up the whole family and we all agreed it looked fine.
This made me so happy.
No more painting for me...but I think I may go and colour now ;)

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Too funny. My dh totally takes over any house project I start. I let him but it bugs me sometimes. It seems like the color is always funky at first, and then it's finally normal after it dries.

  2. The color looks great! It definitely dried well :)

    You definitely get lots of painting credit from me! I hate taping the walls and everything! I never get it exactly right. In fact I'm staring at a spot where I messed it up when we painted this year...Ah! I need to look away!

  3. You did the hardest part - the prep! Its the same here in my house - oh you do the prep honey and I'll do the painting! Yeah - and the credit goes where! Have a great Sunday:-)

  4. oh i hate edging - that is the stuff that is no fun! glad you liked the outcome

  5. I hate the edging too and sometimes I don't even do it. I do all the painting around here. Glad it turned out the colour you really wanted.

  6. The color turned out great, now you just have to keep the girls from dying their hair in your freshly painted bathroom....he he

  7. haha, it would seem you enjoy the painting process about as much as me. It does sound like a good idea in bed tho. rofl Love it and glad your family agreed it looked good.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  8. Lol, Jeff is the
    Winter here- in ALL ways. I do not seem to be even ALLOWED to help. That is okay with me. ;0)
    Glad that the colour dried to a more suited one! We get hairspray spatters in our bathroom ( I wonder why). The kids just have dusty walls in theirs- however, it is time for a new colour in there soon anyway.

  9. Lol! It looks perfect - glad the colour turned out as you had hoped :) I do practically ALL of the DIY in our house (I actually secretly love it sssshhh!!)- from painting, wallpapering, tiling, floor laying .... & my dh gets to do the grocery shop!! LOL! Rather him than me :)

  10. Looks great! Well done. We've been meaning to paint our bedroom for years but it seems like so much effort! x

  11. Wow! You're just full of talent!
    It looks great Tracy!

  12. It looks fantastic! I give you FULL credit!!! Lol!

  13. The hair dye made me laugh! The paint looks great!

  14. Looks awesome! Don't you just feel so much better after a room has been painted?!


  15. Your post cracked me up! LOL!! I need to paint our powder room - looks tired. After reading your story, might have to see what I have in reserve! LOL! Thanks :)

  16. Love the color !!! but tell the girls to make sure they hit the spot next time. LOL
    I know how it has been just like you know how long my paint chip spots have been on my wall;)
    I colored today.

  17. Oh Tracy you are so funny. If only you could see the paint job in this nasty kitchen in this rental house; it looks like someone threw up Pepto Bismal all over the walls. But if that wasn't enough they put dark, forest green linoleum on the floors, talk about icky!
    Glad your walls are done and that you are pleased with the results!

  18. Good job on painting your bathroom. The color is nice. =)


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