Sunday, November 11, 2012

We are Thankful

Today is Remembrance Day.
A day to Remember and honour those who have served and fought for our freedom.
I am very luck to live in the country that I live in.
It is one of the most free Countries on Earth.
And for that, I remember those who have risked their lives and died for our freedom.
At 11:00 I stand in silence no matter where I am or what I am doing, to respect those who have given so much to this Country.
Thank You to all those who have done this for me, my family and all of you.

Here is my post from Remembrance Day 2010

Today was a nice mild day, perfect for the Remembrance day parade.
We did get a bit of rain on and off. But last night we had thunder and heavy rain. Luckily it wasn't cold enough to turn into the freezing rain like we were suppose to get.

I ended up deep cleaning the bathroom and really defunkifying my bathroom cupboards....but I will share that with you all tomorrow :)

Hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Thanks for the gorgeous photo and reminder to remember. I stand for my Grandad who fought at Ypres. He was in the first WW and in the Boer War.
    I stand for him and all the other brave soldiers.

  2. My great uncle fought in WW II and used to talk about the war. He passed away a few years ago, but he is what made it real for me.

  3. Yes, I totally agree girl! We are both lucky. Just need to fill in the gaps between us. LOL

  4. Happy Remembrance Day. That's a gorgeous photo.

  5. What a perfect picture for Remembrance Day :) I'm glad you all had good weather. I just told Mike yesterday I need to do something with my bathroom cabinet. Maybe I'll get see ideas from you!! Lol

  6. Sounds like a great day. So glad the weather held for you - my brother was already complaining about snow in Chicago so I know it's getting cold up north too. :)

  7. We watched some of the ceremony in Ottawa on TV at 11:00 am too. There are so few veterans left, it is very very important for everyone to carry on the memory.

  8. Great post! So true that it is important to always remember.

  9. Yeap, I am thankful for those that work hard for our freedom.

  10. Thank you for this awesome post. It is so important to remember.


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