Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finished another novel-Glass-

I finished this book tonight.
It was a continuation of the book "Crank"
It is 681 pages. Much like the character was addicted to her drug I am addicted to reading Ellen Hopkins books. I have read all her books, looking forward to some new ones in the near future.
I will give this one a 8 out of 10

Today was spent working and dreaming. Working on billing customers and dreaming about some creating I want to do.
Now in a perfect world I would get paid for creating, now doesn't that feel good.

I did go for a evening walk with my neighbour Lynn. We go for about an hour walk. Funny how when you walk with someone how the time goes by.

Last night we spent some time with Ashley's new boyfriend. He is a nice guy. Answered all our questions LOL. Ashley teased him that we were going to grill him with questions. I think he was nervous as we let him wait it out for a few days, but we let him off easy, LOL.

Can't wait to create. Hope you got some creating done today :)



  1. tyler seems like a good guy.. me and adam met him the other day, i approve.. but if he hurts ashley in anyways.. i will hurt him! lol

    im starting to get creative again.. im starting to draw again. :D

  2. Hey Tracy,
    I haven't been on for awhile and thought I would stop by and give you a quick hello

  3. It was nice of you not to grill him too badly:) The book looks really interesting!

  4. Ahhh...I need to set aside more time to READ!!! (And walk, but that is another topic for another day...heehee.)

  5. I may have to read some of her books. I don't get much time with the little ones running around but hopefully I'll get some time in the next couple of weeks before my new job starts.


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