Friday, September 2, 2011

A Birthday card for ?

Happy Friday :)
I am so happy the weekend is here. I plan on going to our cottage and relaxing ALL weekend long.
I know we need to split some wood and pile it but that's minor.
Here is a birthday card I made for..not sure who yet.
Its Ashley's boyfriend, Tyler's, birthday this weekend, but I just don't think this is the type of card for him ;)

I coloured this cute CC Designs image with my Copics. I love those stamps....oh who am I kidding, I love all stamps ;)
 I stamped the bench on wood pattern paper and then shaded it with good ol' Copics.
I used the Martha Stewart deep edge punch for the lattice, I also coloured the bottom of the lattice to look like grass.
 I used a die to cut out the post for the sign, then fussy cut around the stamped Birthday greeting.
Onto My Day:
I stayed up until 3:00am working, I wanted to get the billing part done because I was planning to spend the day with my nephew and my sister. As we thought he was going to get his jaw done today.
Well as it turned out my sister had to go see a doctor first. Which turned out to be an orthodontist. I think the guy scammed her. The guy told her that Eric (my nephew) needed braces and his wisdom teeth pulled when he examined him in emergency.
Well that is what the appointment was for ($150.00 later).
I told her before she went that it was Bull----. You don't have to pay to get your sons jaw fixed.
But you do have to pay for any cosmetic work that needs to be done.

So hopefully the poor kid will get this done tomorrow. Sadly I won't be there for them though.

Hope you all enjoy your long weekend, if you get one.



  1. Good luck getting things figured out. I love that lattice work!

  2. Super cute card! Love the idea of coloring the grass, looks cool :0) I plan on enjoying this three day weekend very much! Hope all goes well with your nephew :0) Hugs!

  3. Ejoy a wonderful relaxing weekend.
    Another beautiful card.

    I am off the weekend, but work Monday and Tuesday and then I am off to Washington, DC to attend a conference and a visit with my sister.
    Curtis is on the road with his dad north to Rossland, BC to visit his sister.

  4. Your card is so stinkin' cute! I do not have any copics yet but everytime I see your projects it makes me want to try some! I am going to try to be creative tomorrow as I have been down in my back all week! Uggh! Finally had to go to dr for meds.. Diagnois: pulled sciatic nerve hurts like hell!

  5. I love that card! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Cute card.

    What does braces and wisdom teeth have to do with a broken jaw. I would think that they could discuss that at a different time after the jaw healed? Definitely a scam!

  7. give it to tyler anyways.. im sure hell like it :)

  8. VEry cute card Tracy. I love that little girl and LOVE the stack of cupcakes she is holding! And that post with the sign.........oh my! I am in love with that!! Your weekend sounds relaxing and I hope you enjoy yourself, sounds like a marvelous time!

  9. I love the grass on that darling card!! You just put so much thought into your cards - well, all your work, actually!

    I just can't over how much dishonesty there is out there. I hope the poor kids gets his jaw fixed!!

  10. Cute card. Love the idea of the grass, looks great♥. Cute image and gorgeous colouring♥.

    Hugs Marita♫♫

  11. Hope you're enjoying your weekend away! Letting you know that you won on my blog giveaway!

    Congratulations! I sent you an email; when you send me your address, I'll get the package in the mail to you. Rebecca

  12. Very cute card. Love the sentiment hanging from the post, great idea!

  13. Super cute card. I came across your blog through this. I thought I would let you know.

  14. Your card is adorable! I love the signpost you made! SO CUTE!

    Hope everything gets sorted out with the crooked orthodontist!

  15. adorable as always! I want to color. simply no time. Oh but I am looking forward to some images to play with;) I will make time. who needs to sleep? LOL

  16. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. You deserved it! Love the card! I got my very first set of copics (skin tones 1) and am in love! Hopefully with practice, I can get almost as good as you coloring with them. =)

  17. That little stack of cupcakes is SO cute! Love it! That stinks about the dentist, sounds fishy huh? Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  18. What a great idea and detail for the bench!


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