Saturday, September 3, 2011

Late a year

It was a nice day up at our cottage today. Funny weather though. It would be beautiful, then cool down then rain. Then it would start all over again.
A great day to relax and create, which I did :)

I planted the seeds to these sweet peas last year, but nothing came of them.
But this year they sure took off. They smell so nice as well.
They are growing in an old wooden sauna bucket :)
 Charlotte is still snuggled in her cocoon.
I did tap it to see if she was still alive, Yup she moved when I did that.
Oh ya and I took a picture of her by they meter, so you all know she isn't hiding in some one's crack, lol

We had some company up at the cottage today.
First Sonja our American neighbour came by. She broke her ankle and had to go back home to get pins put in and a plate. But she got her niece to drive her up here. She lives at her cottage during the summer. She is over 70 and hasn't missed a summer yet. It is so beautiful here, I can see why she wanted to come back.

Blake (Kristy's boyfriend) his mom and his little brother came to visit for a few hours as well.
They camp about a half an hour from us, so decided to come for a visit.
I am sure Blake bugged his mom until she caved though....young love ;)

Rained all evening.
Hope you all are enjoying your long weekend and hope you had a creative Saturday.


  1. We're getting a lot of rain here from good ol' Lee.

    I can't believe you are letting that spider live. LOL!! AAACK. You'll be running for the hills when all her children start pouring outta there!

  2. Mmm, I love the smell of sweet pea! It rained off and on all day here, on Saturday, but that brought us cooler weather!

  3. I adore sweet peas, since we got the dogs we haven't grown any, but my Dad grows them and always cuts me a bunch for my kitchen.

    Good to know charlotte is doing well.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  4. Love the sweetpeas. The cottage sounds lovely, and the heart mushroom is super cute! Can you beleive our girls are in the 11th grade already? Time is flying by way too fast.

    Thanks for visiting!


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