Monday, September 26, 2011

Little Ladybug

      Here is yet another "Limited Supply" card I made at our cottage.
How cute is this little girl with her ladybug back pack....She is adorable.
This photo is a bit yellow to me.
   I coloured her with my Stampin' Up markers.
If I don't want to carry all my Copics with me (like when we go on a trip). I will put my Stampin' Up markers  in a pencil case with some flesh tones and hair colours in my Copics and take them instead.
I need to bring colour with me everywhere I go.             
As you can see in this picture I put black sparkle rhinestones on the black polka dots.
I also inked the background with some distress inks.

Onto My Day:
I got a phone call from my sister this morning. She never phones.
It turned out she was in a car accident...Last Friday Night.
She lives in the country and was driving and a deer ran in front of her, she slammed on the brakes and swerved and flipped her car in the ditch.
She wasn't wearing a seat belt...who doesn't wear a seat belt now a days......Don't worry we all gave her sh1t for that.
She has stitches on her eye lid, black eye, bruises and her right shoulder is in rough shape. The doctor said she tore her muscle and broke her upper back. She will need surgery for the torn muscle but they said her back should heal on its own.
She is so far refusing surgery. The doctor told her to come back in 3 weeks and is hoping she changes her mind by then.

So I spent the day with her.
Picked her up at her house.
Drove her to the hospital to the fracture clinic.
Picked up her prescription and groceries.
Drove her back home and washed her dishes and floors.
As I was doing up her seat belt for her. I told her that it reminded me of taking care of .......she finished my sentence.....Dad, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Hope she is ok - and gets better soon..

  2. Ohhh, scary!!! Lol on giving her "what for"! Glad that despite her injuries, she is okay!
    LOVE the ladybug backpack! I love lady bugs and she is sweet, I really like the touch of the black jewels! I love jewels.... :0)

  3. Oh, my gosh, Tracy!!! Glad your sister is OK,despite her Injuries. I am sure she is in so much pain and very uncomfortable.
    I hope she has learned a lesson about seat belt wearing - it sure was a reality check. We have lots of critters on our roads this time of year- especially night.
    I just love your card. It so reminds me of little Harlee. I can just see her riding down the sidewalk with her hair flying and her backpack on. What is this stamp called and who makes it?????? I would love to get one. Love the bling-it really sets the card off.

  4. Wow Tracy...I am imagining that accident, and not to be belted in....jeez. She is very fortunate to be alive, and to have you to help manage things.

    I think that ladybug is your cutest card yet :).

  5. Aww what a cute card! Reminds me of a childhood photo of me wearing a ladybug swimsuit, what a good way to start my day with a happy trip down memory lane J. I agree with Claudia, to me this is one of the cutest cards yet.
    You are so talented and I really do enjoy your blog posts. Warm greetings from South Africa

  6. you have the best stamps! this is just way too cute!

  7. So sorry to hear about your sister. Sounds like she pretty stubborn-no seatbelt-no surgery! LOL Also sounds like you have your hands full! LOL
    Your card is gorgeous! Love the ladybug.

  8. Oh Tracy, I hope your sister is okay! It was so sweet of you to go take care of her :) Your card is absolutely adorable! Love the rhinestones on the backpack, perfect!

  9. I'm sorry to hear about your sister. I don't think I knew you had a sister. I can't believe she waited so long to call you to let you know. Glad she is mostly okay. I was in a car accident when I was really young and I chipped my shoulder and broke my upper back. I was in a brace for 3 months. The brace was this medieval contraption looking thing. It was awful. I can imagine how much pain she's in right now. That was really great of you to go take care of her but I truly believe it doesn't matter who it is, that is just the type of person you are and I'm so honored to know you.

    I love the card. That image reminds me of my daughter except she would be wearing a tutu and a tiara.

  10. Adorable card - hope your sister feels better soon and changes her mind about surgery.

  11. This is SO cute!!! I love that image! Hope you get to feeling better! I was home sick on Friday and struggled through the weekend. I'm on the upswing now, but it hasn't been fun.

  12. as u know i collect anything Laybug that also include rubberstamp.. I got this stamp as soon as i saw it.. and i colored mine with watercolor.. i love this stamp....Ladybug lovers unite...

    have a great day..

  13. That is so cute...I am lovin' that image! Hope your sister is ok!

  14. What a sweet card! It's just too cute! Love that you added the jewels to dots, need that bling!

    You're sister was very fortunate that she wasn't hurt worse and maybe a lesson learned, but if she's refusing surgery, she may regret that decision later on too.

  15. your coloring is wonderful and what an adorable design. So glad your sister will be ok. Hope she changes her mind about the surgery! She's lucky to be alive.

  16. Your card is adorable...I have that image, too, and remember the card I made with it! It's a popular one.

    Sorry to hear about your sister...yikes. Glad she wasn't more seriously injured...or worse.

  17. Sorry to hear about your sister, I would have given her crap for not wearing her seat belt too. I have mixed feelings about those, one of my best friends rolled his truck three times in an accident and the only reason he walked away was because he wasn't wearing one. I do wear mine and make every one in my vehicle but still have mixed feelings :0) I'm glad to hear that she will be okay and hope she chooses the surgery if that's what is best. Adorable card! Hugs!

  18. omg! glad she is okay! Prayers to you all my friend.
    Cute card.

  19. Gorgous card and love the image and the colors.:)

  20. Ahhhhh the sweetest how you colored her and the design is perfect...tfs


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