Sunday, September 11, 2011

My creative space

This was my creative space this weekend.
I worked on my Travel Journal (I will post a video soon). Friday night I worked on it on our bed. Well all was fine and dandy, until it was bed time and I had to put everything away.
I was going to set up in the kitchen, but Kristy informed me that the table was for eating on and I seem to take over....she just doesn't understand the creative process, lol.

So I took over our guest cottage. What it really is, is a 26 ft Jayco Trailer. We use it for when we have company so they can have their own place to sleep or to get away from us, lol.
So I took over the kitchen table in there. I have done this before and love it because I don't have to put anything away all weekend. I worked well into the evening.
Bad thing about it, is I miss everyone, and keep leaving to check out what everyone is doing. 
Sadly summer is quickly coming to an end. Even though everyone (except me) went for a swim yesterday.
Not only did we take out the dock yesterday.
When I woke up and looked out the window, I saw that the leaves were falling off the trees.
The snow geese were flying south.
And the Bluejays are coming around.
 Now if you have a squeamish tummy I think you should leave, run if you have to. As you will not want to look at the next two photos.
Remember Charlotte.....
She seems to only come out at night. She stays in her cocoon all day.
So I snapped a photo of her. Look at her big sac. I think if she was to have had babies, she would have had them already, don't you think?

 This is the gross photo, but you know how I love to share ;)
I had to throw some garbage out and when I lifted the lid, I freaked, then I ran and got my camera.
These tiny white rice like things are ....maggots!!!!!
Last week I made chicken and forgot to cook 3 breasts. I live by the saying...When in doubt chuck it out.
Now I was upset that I had to do this, as I hate to waste money.
But the maggots enjoyed it.
I told hubby he has to clean it out, as taking out the garbage is his job.
But we all know who gets the joys of cleaning this out..ME.
Not looking forward to this crappy job.
I hope you all had a creative, maggotless weekend.



  1. LOL.....I'm not sure which is worse - that freaking ugly monstrous spider, or all those maggotty maggots! LOL!!!! I choose the spider. Nothing worse than a big ugly spider...and that one looks like it could bite - HARD.

  2. careful of that spider my dear. It looks almost like a brown widow. yep, the brown version of the black widows. yes, there are three colors of these deadly things.
    Okay I hate spiders but I would rather take the spiders over the maggots. Gross!
    I had that happen one year. OMG it is so disgusting. Poor you have to clean it up, just like poor me.
    updated my blog today believe it or not? LOL

  3. I always wondered why my husband was so afraid of spiders until I went to his hometown and saw one. ACK! then they told me it was poisonous. Double ACK! Be careful of this one, it looks like it bites!

  4. Yikes! I'm not a fan of spiders. Unfortunately I read the warning after I had seen the spider and the maggots!!

    I would love to have a place where I can leave a complete mess! I'm so jealous!!

  5. Eeewwww! I am so sorry for you. Well, about the maggots. But I'm jealous that you get to live where geese fly and leaves fall off of trees. Sounds divine1

  6. Okay, if you were expecting a nice comment about your make shift creative weekend space FORGET IT! Those other pictures completely ruined it. Instead you're going to get a reeeeeally nice comment about how awesome you are for putting up a disclaimer BEFORE the photos :) I haven't had breakfast yet, and didn't really feel like checking out pregnant spiders and nasty maggots. Much, much appreciated!

  7. Oh my goodness, you warned me! And I looked anyway (lol)
    I agree that having a space where you don't have to clean up projects, but can leave it out for easy access really helps!

  8. Yeah, I really couldn't look at the photos. I have way too many spiders of my own to worry about and I just don't think I need to see maggots while I'm eating........ But it sounds like you had a great weekend. So sad that summer is waning. There are a few trees around here that are prematurely turning too. I'm just not ready for the cold!

  9. Thank you for helping me out with my diet. I won't be eating for another month! Yucky. I can't even really say which was more gross, the bloated spider or the maggots. I think it's hysterical that the first thing you thought of was to take a picture. Ya gonna scrapbook that? LOL.

  10. I love that you scrap on vacation! Looks like fun. Sorry summer is ending, I hate that too!

  11. Too bad that you have to find creative peace in your camper, but it looks like a great place for it...until it starts getting colder and you have to run the furnace. My hubby informs me that he's going to start working on his small motors at the kitchen table after I get all my craft stuff off of it. LOL!!

    The spider doesn't bother me and yes the maggots are gross. I guess that's the problem with throwing out meat in the warmer months, cooked or not. Ick!!

  12. I love that you took over the guest cottage, so that you could be creative. Sometimes, I would love the peace and quiet that it would have to offer. Maybe you could rent it out for weekend retreats. Lol...

  13. You are so funny! I love what you posted and yeah it was icky, but so cute in a way that you posted it! I love your crafty spot too! I was like that for a long time scrappin on a tray table! I'll be back to visit and see what else you come up with!


  14. ummm double ewwwww.... I don't know what is worse the spider of the maggots but I guess if I had to pick it would be the spider as it can eat the maggots. LOL

    Hugs and thanks for the awesome photos. lol

  15. I not a maggot fan at all. Spiders are cool as long as they are not in the house. I live by the fact that you can't move in unless you pay rent...especially insects and rodents. I think your photos are great.

  16. Oh, ew!!!
    The kids made a slip and slide yesterday and slid! That is one of like 5 days of "summer" we had here. :0(
    Geese ars honking here as well, and the leaf change of colour was noted here just b4 the long weekend.... *sigh*


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