Friday, September 16, 2011

Not something we see everyday.

We are planning on closing up camp this weekend.
Just Wayne and I are going up this time.
This is what we followed down the highway for a bit.
 Until Hubby passed him. The trucker was probably wondering what I was doing photographing an army tank.
We had seen quite a few of these being transported down the highway.
Onto My Day:
I went for morning walk with my friend Lynne.
Ran around and did a few errands.
I did a couple video's today on my Travel Journal.
One took, the other one disappeared. Well it didn't really disappear. I did about a 7 minute video and when I uploaded it to my computer it was about 1 second long. Don't know what happened there.
So I thought I would upload the first video to YouTube.
But it was going slow, and it still had a half hour to go and we were heading out the door to camp. So I stopped it.

I will try again on Sunday when we get home.


  1. Closing up camp already? Like you won't be going back at all? That's seems, like it's the end of summer. Boo. How cold is it there?

  2. Oh wow...nope a cannot say that I have seen one on the highway either!

  3. It's always so cool to see these things going down the road!

    Kinda sad that it's that time of year to start closing up camp. This is when we just get started. We are so backwards. LOL

  4. Cool shot, Tracy. We see a lot of army trucks on the roads around here - but can't remember the last time I actually saw a tank on the road! LOL.


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