Monday, September 12, 2011

Travel Journal page and some freaky weather.

I thought I would share some of my photos of my travel journal I worked on during our trip and this last weekend.
I was going to do a video of it today, but I never got around to uploading the photos I wanted to put in here.
Plus our Internet is as slow as molasses in June tonight.
This page is when we were heading to Sheridan Wyoming. We went to the Lewis and Clark Caverns, sooo cool.
 Then this page is when we headed to Keystone, South Dakota.
I so loved that town. The girls and I enjoyed checking out all the shops....and believe me we checked out Every Shop ;) I made a lot of pockets in this book. I bought postcards not only for the beautiful pictures, but I then used the backs of them for my journaling cards. Double use ;)

 Today was a weird day, weather wise.
This afternoon the sky was an orange colour.
Then when I picked up Kristy from school there was a creepy kind of overcast.
You could smell smoke in the air as well.
The clouds were a combination of storm clouds and smoke from the forest fires.
Just after I took this photo a flash of lightening went across the sky.
We did get a bit of rain, but only for a couple of minutes.
At about 6:00 tonight the sky was dark, then an hour later it lightened up again.
Not good weather for the forest fires.
I had a list of about 20 things to do today.
I think I completed 4 and two of those was to go for a walk and take a shower, lol.
I am on over achiever in my mind, I just need to figure out how to carry it out, lol.
Not only did I go for my 1/2 hour morning walk, I also went for an hour walk tonight with my neighbour/friend. When I go for a walk, it isn't a casual walk, it is a brisk walk.
I guess being as short as I am, I have always been a fast walker.....probably to keep up with all the freakishly tall people I hang around with, lol.

Kristy asked me if I could drive Blake home after school. Sure not a problem. I text her at lunch to make sure he still need a ride.
I get this text from her "Dealio is gotta drive Blake home"
Oh ok, I ask her if she is going to walk then.
She texts me "I'm not going to walk to Blake's"
Not to Blake's, walk home.
She texts me again "No because we gotta drive Blake home, silly"
I text her back, "Well who the heck is Dealio?"
 Dealio means that's the deal, we have to drive him home.

Welcome to a bit of my world. My girls think I'm loosing my it any wonder, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Monday.



  1. ROTFLMBO, I thought that Dealio was an interesting name!
    Smoke from forest fires can really do freakish things to the sky....

  2. ROFLOL Oh I was confused to and not even my kid! LOL
    Love the journal. I knew I would. Double duty p.c. is awesome. Never thought of that. Thanks Tracy. Brilliant.
    Hope the fires go out soon.
    Don't feed the squirrels. LOL


  3. your journal looks great. And I hate that smokiness. We've been having it too, and creepy describes it perfectly.

  4. Hi there, I am doing okay thanks, sorry not been around for a while though, just been crazy here with holidays which were great and work and everything else..... I haven't done much blog surfing in a while, hope you and your family are well, will catch up on your blog later x

  5. Question about your travel journal, which I love looking at, will you end it now or will you use it every time you guys travel?

    That does some like some freaky weather. Creepy pic too. Looks like there should be some zombies walking down that street though :)

    I too had a list of stuff to get done yesterday and it seemed like every time I would mark something off,i would have to add something else on. I have high hopes for today though!

  6. another awesome page in your journal! love it

  7. Tracy,
    I love your stories, they always make me laugh. LOL
    Great job in your journal, I love the double duty

  8. Your journal is great, Tracy! Thanks for sharing it!

  9. First I have to say that the text conversation with your daughter was too funny! :D

    The journal is awesome as are the all the cool stuff & pics in it! When me and the hubs went out west for our honeymoon, I mailed back duplicate postcards to myself describing the trip & what we did that day. One card was was for the picture and the other for journaling. It was journaling on the go and it was done before I even got home! LOL!! Oh, and not to mention that it had a cool postmark for the date that was already done for me too! ;^)

  10. Great idea to journal on the back!

  11. Your journal is great,many great details and I love it.
    Thanks for sharing it.:)

  12. First let me tell you I did not eat for hours after your pictures. Then I brought some oreo's home and I didn't realize how much I like them lol. Love your travel journal. I caved and bought a smash book. Second I had now idea what your daughter was saying either. I though who names their kid Dealio LOL!


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