Saturday, October 13, 2012

A little witchy and some zombies tonight.

I had coloured this image last year.
I had used my Stampin' Up markers and then used the water pen (aqua pen) to shade, or spread the colour around.
I didn't like how it had turned out so I put it aside....if you know me I have trouble getting rid of things. Like I always say, everything can be used or fixed.
So I added a bit more shading with my Stampin' Up markers and she was good to go :)

The purple colour behind her is just some pattern paper, not part of the card. When I took the photo with my usual brown background, it looked like I took a black and white photo.

 Yes her face is a light green. I wanted her to look a bit scary...kind of hard as she is oh so cute.
I don't think this type of colouring is my forte, but I keep trying.
Out of the 3 cards I had made this Friday, this one is Heather's favourite.

What!!! No recipe/index cards, teehee.
I used the Tim Holtz Halloween papers for this card and this sheet was just to fun, so I had to use it.
I will put a tiny journal card on here with a little message before it goes out in the mail. 

Onto My Day:
 I had mentioned that Lynne wanted me to show her how to colour.
So  last night during Friday Night Scrapbooking, I showed her how to shade, a bit.
I knew that she didn't want to get into the Copics, so I thought I would show her with the Stampin' Up markers, as she was a Stampin' Up demonstrator.
But I think she liked the Sharpies and Bic's better. So I suggested that she purchase couple flesh tones in the Copics and then the Sharpies or Bics for the colours.

So excited that tomorrow is the new season of The Walking Dead.....LOVE this show.
So today we had Season 1 marathon :)
Wayne was out all day cutting up the meat from their catch last weekend.
So we didn't get a chance to get an early start on the season :(
It is going to be a late night of zombies :)

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Aww, the sweetest l'il witch! Love the background papers with it too! Enjoy your night of zombies!

  2. That little witch is so cute...kind of hard to make her scary but LOVE it! LOL!

  3. What a cute little witch...the green does make a teensy bit scarier...but basically she is really cute!

    Love the inside!

  4. love the little witch! So very cute. this would be katies fav too. pretty close tie for me.
    Big hugs my friend. enjoy the zombie moments. LOL

  5. Such a great card - I love the witch and the inside paper is super fab! TFS

  6. Your cards amaze me. I love this little witch and the papers you chose.

  7. She is too cute to spook :) Great background too!

  8. I think she turned out pretty sweet! Also looking forward to the return of Walking Dead and the new Rictatorship!

  9. I love this card! Too cute and creepy! Have fun with the Walking Dead marathon. :-)

  10. Night of zombies! How fun.
    Great card.

  11. I love this card. I think it's my favorite too. I'm trying to catch up on blogs since I was just on my phone the last couple of days. I got the sickies and I still feel awful. I feel feverish achy and tired. My husband tells me it's all in my head. I turned down a night out without the kids, you know there has to be something wrong with me lol. Have fun watching The Walking Dead. I've got season 1 and 2 in my cue. I've only seen the pilot episode so far. I know I need to get my but moving.

  12. Love the purply grays you've used in your coloring and the paper is super fun.


  13. aww so cute. Even though the paper behind is not part of it, it's so pretty. The card is adorable-she doesn't look too scary though...

  14. She is just too cute! I love that she has a green face to make her just a little scary! The inside paper is awesome too, I love the skeleton!

    I hope the new episode of Walking Dead was good!

  15. I love her green face! The inside could have been used for a bit of writing with those lines, right? Lol!

  16. How cute!! The light green tint, in my opinion, makes this image a bit more playful :D Such a cute card. Glad you were able to fix what you felt was a problem. Looks great to me.

    Love you - Leslie

  17. Awww... the little witch is so cute.


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