Friday, October 19, 2012

They have Bieber Fever

I will finally share with you why we made the trip down here to Winnipeg.
Yes we visited some family,
Yes we did some shopping.
But the main reason we are here in Winnipeg was to see Justin Bieber in concert.

Well actually Kristy wanted to go and Ashley is game for anything, so she went as well. I don't think Ashley would ever say no to her sisters :)
So we made a girls trip out of it :)
I love these "girls trips" we take. This one is to short though. We are going home tomorrow, early in the morning as both Heather and Kristy have to work Saturday.

Onto My Day:
Went shopping 1st thing this morning.
Then went shopping this afternoon.
Then went to Red Lobster for supper. But because we had to wait so long for a table, we just ate our salad and then packed the food up as a take out.
Then headed for the concert.
Wow, the traffic was so backed up.
The girls finally just got out of the jeep and walked there. Sadly it was raining, windy and very cold.

Heather and I then waited for them to text us that they were inside then we went to a scrapbook store. Sadly it closed, even though when I had phoned earlier, the recording stated that they were open late tonight.....maybe they went to the concert as well ;)
Then we ran into a few stores and lastly browsed around the bookstore, my second favourite type of store. My girls and I can get lost in a book store for hours.

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Ooh sounds like a fun trip! I can't wait to do girly trips one day with my daughter! Sounds like fun...admit it, it was YOU who wanted to see the Biebs, LOL! ;). Eeeeehehehe! Just teasing!

    1. Hi Sheryl :) I would have gone to the concert, but didn't want Heather to be alone, so stayed back with her, as she is not a fan ;)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful girl trip! Such nice memories!

  3. oh how fun!!!! girl trips are awesome!!

  4. Girls trips are awesome and can't wait to do it when my two are a little older too:-) Hope they enjoyed the concert.

  5. Fun times for you and your girls. I remember, way back when--we were back home in London and I took Kirsten to an InSync concert in Buffalo. What we won't do to make our girls happy.

  6. I know you've just had a blast with your girls :) These type of trips and time spent with my mom and sister were always my favorite and now I'm getting to do it with my girls!! The girls look beautiful, as usual :) hope you have a safe drive home!

  7. What a fun "Road Trip"!

    Sorry your didn't get to be inside the scrapbook store :-(, but a good book store will work :-)

    Hope your girls enjoyed the concert even though the weather was bad. Safe travels back home all you girls :D

    Love you - Leslie

  8. How fun that they went to the concert!
    Was it a good one :)

  9. Now, that I would have never guessed...he he Any girl's trip is a fun trip, tfs

  10. What a fun girls' trip!!! I wouldn't have guessed Justin Bieber, but I'm glad you all had a great time!

  11. sounds like a great trip! Oh sad about the sbs. It happens.
    Have a safe trip home. TTYL gator.

  12. What a fun trip! I remember when I used to travel long distances for rock concerts. Ah, good times! :) Looks like you had a great trip!

  13. Ohhh, I never would have guessed it was for Beiber fever...what a hoot!

  14. Neverewould have guessed! Hope it was a blast!

  15. Oo lots of shopping sounds like an awesome trip. You and your daughters must have been having a blast.


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