Saturday, October 27, 2012

Scrap Cards second set

 I had a fun Scrapbooking Night last night.
4 of my friends came and we all made some cards.
I kind of forgot I was going to share how to make some cards out of scraps....until someone reminded me, then they were all teasing me  ;)
So I came up with this easy card a few weeks ago for a card Sharon wanted to make.
A much easier sketch then the last set of scrap cards.

I even did a bit of colouring on this one. I only used 3 colours and I didn't even need my cheater glasses, lol.
I used my copics on the dragonfly.

I made a few cards today as well.
I guess I have another set to give away. I am going to make a few more for an even dozen.
I like this set for the fact that I got to use my cardstock scraps as well.

Here are the measurements for this card.
Base= 8.5x5.5  score in half to get a 5.5x 4 1/2 (card)
Card Front= 5 1/4 x4(card stock)
Panels= 2.5 x 3 13/16 (pattern paper)
Middle panel= 2x 3 1/4 (card stock)
Stamped panel= 1 13/16x 3 1/16

You can play around with the measurements to fit your scraps.
I did. If you notice some of the space between the pattern paper are different then others.

Onto My Day:
Everyone had to work today except for Ashley and I.
I worked on a video of my die organization...which took most of the afternoon. Not sure why it took so long, but it did.  I will share the video tomorrow.

I am now watching (not really) a football game. Well actually Wayne is watching it and I am doing book work. Is it sad that I would rather work then watch football.
Mind you those guys with their tight pants are pretty easy on the eyes ;)

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Great way to use up the scraps! They look great.

    I have boxes of scraps! Hangs head in shame...

  2. Such a beautiful set of cards Tracy - I love this idea of using up scraps. TFS

  3. what a perfect gift card set. i am starting today on a set for the boys teachers for their christmas gift. thanks for the ideas!

  4. You are cranking out those cards making plenty of gift card sets. Way to go. And it is being so productive using up your scraps. I have plenty I should do this with! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Love the cards and what a fantastic way to use up your scraps!

  6. Very nice Tracy, and as Sarah says a good way of using your scraps.Aud x

  7. What a sweet set of cards! I have been busy pouring candles! I will have to clearanon-waxy non-fragrance space to do some paper crafting!

  8. Wonderful set of cards! The butterflies are so pretty!

  9. I LOVE this set and the clean lines! Thanks for the measurements too :) I'm looking forward to the video...

  10. I love how you used up the scraps for this!

    I tried to make a video of your prize last night - and it took me hours! I still have to edit it, but my computer was being all slow and I had to go to bed. Why do videos take so long? Hahaha

  11. These are great!! I love how you did so many different colors in the same image. Great idea to make a set quickly.


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