Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Treat Toppers

Here's one of my favourite little witches:)
You have seen her many times over the years on my blog, on cards, mini albums and now on treat toppers.
Every year I make special treat bags for the girls across the street. This is something I am putting in their special bags. My girls are older and just want the candy, lol.
So I coloured this little cutie with my Copic markers. 

I put a couple of chocolate bars in the bag and closed it up, then stapled the topper on.

I decided to make some for Kristy and her friends as well.
I used my left over papers, some sticker ribbon and a stamp on theirs.
But seriously, you know they just want the candy ;)

Onto My Day:
I was out most of the day.
I met Ashley at Winners as she and Kristy took a yoga class tonight. Ashley needed a yoga mat, Kristy used mine.
Then Heather and I went to Michaels. I picked up an ink and was going to get the oval Spellbinders die, as I thought it was on sale. Turns out that cuttlebug stuff was on sale. Spellbinders was buy one get one 40% off. So I decided to wait until I could use a coupon.
I gave him my gift card that Wayne had bought me, and he told me after my purchase, that I had $4.99 left on the card.
I was like "your kidding me right, this gift card was over $150.00."  He tried to phone the main place that handles them, after 15 minutes of him on hold. I told him I would phone the number at home.
Turns out, Heather told me that the one I used isn't the one Wayne had bought me.
Looks like I will be tearing the house apart tomorrow looking for it :(

I have lost 2 lbs since I started watching what I eat...at this rate I should reach my goal in 2022, lol
Mind you I really haven't taken it as seriously as I could be. I have only walked about 5 times. When we were in Winnipeg we ate out for every meal.
I guess I should be proud that I didn't gain any weight, teehee.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Cute toppers! I did a quick wrap for glow sticks for my class. It was so un-fancy, that I did. It bother to take a pic to blog!

  2. Cute toppers...those kids will be happy with that cute little witch!
    What I am proud of today;
    I got the treat bags finished for the grandkids. I made coffee for a girlfriend. That seems small but is hard to do when you need both your hands to ballance on walking poles while you make it!!! ahahaha

  3. So cute! I love Canadian candy-my dd has allergies so it's perfect for her.

  4. Such a cute Halloween topper. Yummy Smarties and Aero bars. So miss them! Good luck finding your gift card.

  5. These are adorable! I love the little webs too

  6. Lovely and cute Halloween topper.

    Wish you a lovely Halloween.:)


  7. these are just way too cute!! i love them!!

  8. Very cute candy bags. Lucky neighbors. Happy Halloween!

  9. Such cute treat toppers - I do love that witch. Have a great Halloween:-)

  10. These little toppers are adorable, and the girls may just want the candy, but you know they appreciate the pretty part too :) That is so frustrating about your gift card! I sure hope you can find it today!! Eating out always slows down my weight loss too, but it tastes so good. Lol!

  11. Very cute treat toppers! May have to try some with all the treat "opportunities" coming up! Hope you find that GC! That would tear me up too!

  12. Cute treat toppes, love how,you colored her in

  13. These are super cute! It's fun to see the different type of candies you have in Canada! :)

  14. I hope you find the gift card that Wayne gave you!

    The treat bags are adorable!

    2lbs is a great weight loss! I haven't lost anything really - but I haven't been as serious, as AJ's been out a few business dinners this week, so I've been ordering in for myself!

    I hope you are having a great Halloween.

  15. Very cute halloween goodies. We only had 10 "treates" and tons left.


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