Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween :)

Grrrrrr, here is Kristy's masterpiece for the season :)
Did you guess the Hulk, then you're correct :)

Here is Heather's masterpiece for the season.
If you guessed Jack Skellington, then you are correct.

And lastly here is Wayne's thought I was going to say Ashley didn't you, teehee.
Ashley just likes to take the guts out of the pumpkins, not so much the carving part.
If you guessed a witch riding her broom in the moonlight then again you are correct.

Brains....said in the voice of the zombie monster from Return of the Living Dead ;)
We all enjoy eating the seeds from the pumpkin. I separate them and then add some salt and seasoning and toast them in the oven. What I don't like to do is separate the seeds from the goo.
I don't like to touch gooey things. I don't even like to touch raw meat...never mind mixing hamburger...gross. 

I did a couple of videos yesterday. They are Short and sweet.
Click on the names for the links
Halloween Cards.
Halloween Toppers.

If you want to check out some of our past carvings just click on these links.
Halloween 2010
Halloween 2011

We only a little over 20 kids come to our home tonight. It was chilly out, but not freezing and not raining so I was really expecting so many more :(
How about you, how many kids came to your door?

Hope you all had a creative Halloween Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Great Pumpkins! No pumpkins for us. We decorated less than in previous years because we were expecting fewer turnout. We had 71 kids, compared to over 120 in the last two years since we have lived in this house. It was chilly and spitting light rain.

  2. Great pumpkins...we only had about 110 kids... it was pouring rain:(
    I am so bummed...I love seeing all their happy, greedy little faces!!!

  3. Awesome pumpkins! I really like the witch. :-)

  4. Your jack-o-lanterns look so professional!

  5. Those are some very cool pumpkins. Very impressive! That photo looks like something from the autopsy room. Ick. I would so love to come trick or treating at your house. We didn't have any T or T'ers this year as we kept the house dark...old foogies. Juneau still sat in the window and made his "from beyond the grave" Malamute noises. And I colored my hair! Boo-rrrring.

  6. We had about 200 individuals come to the door last night. It was cold and windy, but they came in droves!

    Love your pumpkins!

  7. Wow! Those are phenomenal pumpkins! You are all a talented bunch.

  8. Great Looking pumpkins. We had pumpkins like that back in the day when my girls were still home. Not many kids here--only about 15. But I had my two favourite pumpkins here for the evening. It wasn't a bad night here, just a little chilly.

  9. Such fun pumpkins!!!
    We had great weather this year which I am grateful for because a few Halloweens in the past have been pretty crummy.
    When we first moved into the neighborhood we hardly had any trick or treaters, but the past few years we have run out of candy!
    Seems as if there are a lot more families here now.

  10. Great job on the pumpkins! These are awesome!

  11. Great pumpkins, Tracy, love the Hulk! I love carving pumpkins too and it's quite the production here!!! We did Jack Skellington a few years ago - that movie is such great inspiration for Hallowe'en!!


  12. very nicely done.. thanks for sharing ...

  13. What great pumpkins! We didn't carve one this year, so I'm super jealous!

  14. I don't touch the goo, either. That's what kids are for! Plus, if you leave a little goo on your seeds it adds great flavor. LOVE your pumpkins!!

  15. Amazing Pumpkins - they are fabulous. TFS

  16. Fabulous pumpkins. Truly awesome.

  17. Such cool pumpkins from one of the most creative families I know! We don't toast the pumpkin seeds because I don't like separating the seeds either, bad Mom, I know. Lol! We had 160 trick or treaters last night and ran out of juice boxes. So would have had more. Our neighborhood has the elementary school in it though and I think all the kids and parents like to trick or treat over here.

  18. These are awesome pumpkins!!!

    That is too funny that you don't send out Halloween cards! But the images are so cute, I don't blame you for making lots of them!

    Those candy toppers are adorable! I love that you made some for your daughter's friends! That is so sweet of you.

    We didn't have any trick or treaters this year. But we never do because our apartment is a high rise!

    I grew up across the street from the elementary school, so we always got a lot of people! My mom got trick or treaters, even though they had no power! Fortunately, she did have candy :)

  19. Those pumpkins look amazing! The pumpkin guts look gross though. I'm with you-I can't stand touching raw meat. I use gloves.

  20. Awesome! Dh used todo such fab ones! We love out of town, and do. Ot get trick or treaters any more, so no longer carve. :0(


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