Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Creative goodies

I made a visit to my LSS.
Sadly it is closing and this is the last one in town.
I had mentioned that the store was hit hard by the flood our city had. Sadly I think it affected her business, as she still hasn't been able to keep regular hours. I think she has only been open 6 days since May.
Yes it is a sad day.
She was open today so I went to pick up some adhesive for my tape gun as she is the only one that carries my tape. Unfortunately she was sold out of it, but she is going to still order it even after her store closes.
I couldn't leave empty handed ;)
So I picked up a couple of cute stamps.

I also picked up some fun papers.
I know I didn't need either the stamps or the paper but I couldn't leave empty handed ;)

Onto My Day:
Listening - Survivor in the boob tube
Eating - nothing
Drinking -coca-cola (my last sip from my 1 can a day)
Wearing - yoga pants and a t-shirt...ready to grab a blanket
Weather -its raining its pouring
Wanting - to colour some images
Needing -chocolate
Thinking -chocolate
Enjoying - sitting on my arse with Wayne and Heather watching our show :)

I hope you all enjoyed a creative day :)
I wasn't creative today, but I did get a walk in. I chatted with a friend on the phone and walked around the house the whole time....1 hour, and that was a short phone call ;)

Tracy :)


  1. No creativity today...but I may yet tonight! It has been a week since my last post! 0.0
    2 more cutie pie stamps to watch for! ;0)

  2. So sad to hear of the LSS closing...bummer! Oh just to add some joy to your day with a little known fact my Dr. gave me...the body interprets 1 can of diet coke (I love love love my diet coke) as if it is a slice and a half of cake.:)


  3. That's too bad about the store. So sweet of her to go ahead and order your tape though :) I love your stamps and would you believe I almost bought that same paper today? Ended up with some Christmas papers though :) How are you liking Survivor so far? I don't like the three team thing and am glad they're down to two teams now. Looks like they might merge next week...

  4. So sad about your LSS. You are a chatty little person, aren't you. No creativity here today. Wish I had some chocolate to send you!!!!

  5. oh i hate to hear about another store closing- i so miss my store that closed in the summer. i had been going there for over 12 years.

    looks like some adorable stamps!!

  6. I like your day summary. What a neat way to do that!

  7. LOL Tracy - I love your posts:-) That stamp looks fabulous. I really do need to go to my local stamp place too,instead of Michaels. Now that I`m getting more into it. Have a great day.

  8. Oh, that strawberry stamp is so cute! I'm so bummed for you that your store is closing. I really hate that so many of them have gone!

  9. So sorry your LSS is closing, sounds like a sad story. I drive at least 30 miles to get to a decent one, sure with something was closer!

  10. Super cute stamps! Have fun creating! So sorry your LSS is closing. :(

  11. Bummer! I hate hearing about all of the LSSs closing :(

  12. Good for you, supporting your LSS, even though she has to close. Our last one closed too. So sad....

  13. It's so sad to hear about all of these LSSs closing, even after all these years. We don't have a one left in my area either so I resort to shopping online.

  14. So sorry to hear about your LSS.
    Love your daily list! great idea.

  15. Sad when a shop has to closed Tracy, love the stamps and lovely papers you purchased. Enjoy your day. Aud x

  16. So sad to hear. I worked in a large scrapbook store. Got a call one Sunday night not to come in the next day. Doors were locked and no looking back.

  17. That stamp reminds me so much of Strawberry Shortcake-whom I loved as a little girl!! So sad to hear about your LSS-our closest one is now in the nest city about 30 miles north of here. :(

  18. Oh, I hate to hear of more LSS closings. It's a dying breed and so hard to keep the doors open these days. We have a good LSS in Orlando but she only carries about half the things I'm looking for. She can only order so much at a time and can only buy what she thinks will sell so I still have to go online. I try though!

  19. I'm so sorry about your LSS. That is so upsetting!

    We don't even have one here in Chicago! I wish we didn't though.

  20. Sorry about the store. The lil girl in strawberry outfit is adorable!


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