Monday, October 15, 2012


Did I scare you?
No didn't think so, she is to cute to be scary.
Last card from my Friday Night of card making.

This cute little stamp is from Stampin' Up.
I also used the Stampin' Up markers to colour her in. Except for her skin, used my Copics for that. Just a reminder, because I used water based markers I had to use StazOn ink to stamp her with. But Copics and Staz On are not friends, so I dabbed the skin colour (Copics) on very carefully.
Don't want to ruin those Copics.
I also inked up the background of this image with black soot distress ink, and the ground with green distress ink.

Inside of the card :)

Onto My Day:
Day started with me at the jeep dealership to get my "hood ajar" light to turn off.
Then went to Staples to pick up some office supplies, only to find out at check out that I didn't have my business credit card with me. So I left my supplies there, and went back home.

I was suppose to run to the border to pick up a parcel, but when I phoned, my parcel wasn't in yet. So I decided to go back to Staples to pick up my office supplies.

Spent the evening watching the boob tube and getting my stamps recorded. I am so close to completing it. I will share that with you when its all done.

Do you keep a record of your stamps?
And if you do, how do you record them?

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Boo to you too!!!!! Sorry your package wasn't at the border yet for ou. Maybe tomorrow. Indeed to run northfor a few of my Canadian favorites.

  2. I have so much to tell you on wed! OMG... Okay ya know the big" little" thing arrived with no worries or complications and came out at the top % of his class;)
    I do record my stamps. Have just started and I am outting them on recipe cards, the big ones and put them in a file system. Please share if you have something better. I hate to redo things.

  3. I just love the paper you've halloweeny and wonderful. Great coloring of this too cute of an image.


  4. I record my stamps too...but I have been bad lately and need to add a few into my binder records...naughty me!

  5. Such a great card - love the little image and the colours are fabulous, love the paper too. TFS

  6. I love the frame you put around her. Another awesome halloween card!

  7. That is an adorable image. Didn't know that about Copics and Staz-on. There are so many ink/ink and ink/stamp and ink/paper combos that work or don't work. It is hard to keep up with. I don't have a record of my stamps but do keep them categorized. Look forward to see what you came up with. You are so good at organizing.

  8. love this image and of course your coloring is always perfect!!! love the ribbon!

  9. She is too cute! Definitely not scary at all!

    Staples is one of my favorite stores. I can do some serious damage in Staples :) I'm glad you were able to go back and get your supplies!

  10. Love the card and adorable stamp!

  11. Love the stamp, the coloring, the paper... yeah just love it all!

  12. Adorable image, I love the spiderweb doily she's on. I have a record of all of my a Rolodex. Took me FOREVER, but am so glad I did it! Can't wait to see yours!

  13. Super cute card love the back ground paper

  14. Cute card!! I love that ribbon-so cute. I've been seeing a lot of halloween ribbon during my blog hopping and am thinking I need some.

  15. No, I don't keep a record of my stamps. I have quite a few, but I also have been purging those I have. Not been using.
    That witch is so cute and my guess was it was from crafty secrets. I will have to look in my idea book for that one! I know they have a cute line of vintage school book types that I am eyeing! ;0)

  16. This card is just so cute, and so are you. Trying to scare me at the start with your "Boo" :D

    You are really industrious! Getting all your stamps cataloged and in order. I don't have many but the task always seems to be just a bit larger than I want to take on.

    Love you - Leslie

  17. I think she is the cutest lil witch hehe.. Cute card!


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