Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Calming photo and a soothing video ;)

This is a photo from when Ashley and I went to the clinic last week.
She took this with her IPhone. I am just shocked how well this phone takes photos.....I guess I should correct myself and say I am amazed on how awesome Ashley takes photos no matter what she uses.
See the Sleeping Giant in the distance.

I thought I would share with you a video I did on the cards that I had made.
If you are a follower on my blog, you have probably seen these all, but if you want to hear my soothing voice, then click on the video, teehee.

Onto My Day:
Nothing to exciting, I worked all day today.
I watched a bit of YouTube while I was working.
Funny thing was, I saw a video on the Spice Girls, then that video turned into another one, then another one, then before I knew it I spent an hour (while I was also working) watching the making of the Spice Girls, lol.
How does that happen......oh don't pretend this hasn't happened to you before, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Lol, amazing how one can get sucked in...one more, one more...like chips! ;0)

  2. I get sucked into videos too. My weakness is the funny and talking animal ones. lol.

  3. oh shut up it never happens to me! ;) hee hee. expect a short phone in the am. MORE STUFF happened.

  4. Whew, glad I am not alone! YouTube is most likely the reason I don't watch television. At least you didn't stumble onto the videos of people popping pimples. There are tons of those! Alrighty then...

  5. Fabulous video Tracy, thanks for going through your cards - its always good to see how they came together:-) TFS

  6. Beautiful photo and super cute card!

  7. your daughter is so talented with the camera!! i need to take some lessons from her!!

    always love seeing your cards!

  8. Ashley does take amazing photos, but all of your daughters are amazingly talented, like their mother :) I DO love to listen to your voice, you crack me up! I can't watch videos and tv while I work, but I can listen to music, weird? Probably

  9. What a great photo. I've been there before :)
    Love your card too.

  10. I rely on netflix and youtube when my arthritis literally has me down and out. Need the wonderful distractions.

  11. Oh my goodness, I do that all the time with YouTube! :)

  12. Thanks for sharing your cards via video...waiting for a hint of a "crick" accent...oh well not there:)!


  13. I can't watch your video because I'm at work :(

    But the picture Ashley took is amazing!

    I do that all the time with youtube, I need to set limits for myself or I can be up all night watching random videos!

  14. Where do you print your digital images? I have tried printing some at home but the ink always smears when I use my markers. Your cards look amazing.

    1. I print them at home on my Canon Ink Jet printer/fax/copier.
      They don't smear for me.
      I have heard that if you dry the printed image (say with a hair dryer) on the other types of printers that then they won't smear.
      I have never had to try it though.


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