Saturday, October 6, 2012

Card and Turkey Day

Happy World Card Making Day :)

Sadly I was unable to play along as I was in the kitchen cooking up a storm.
But I still have a card to share with you that I had made last night.
I think taking photos of my cards outside is coming to an end. It is starting to get a bit dismal outside...and we had snow today!!!

I actually coloured this cute little CC Design image at the cottage, and then put her on a card last night.
See those pretty blue raindrops...they actually started out as a flower. I just broke the flower apart to make the sparkly raindrops :)
I used my cloud punch and then inked around the edges of it with distress ink.
You can't tell by this photo, but the whole background was coloured with a light blue Copic marker.

I wanted to show the dimension to the cloud.
I used foam tape and double stacked it. 

 Look what a good girl I am. I actually remembered to document the colours again :)
Because I coloured this in advance, I knew I would forget which image these markers went with, so I put the image in with the markers....sometimes I am so clever I scare myself, teehee.

And the inside of my card.
I love that I only had one teeny tiny piece of pattern paper left over and it was so small, I gave myself permission to let it go.

Onto My Day:
Like I said I was in the kitchen all day, so I was unable to make a card.
The reason being is, because every year I have Thanksgiving dinner for my family.
Sadly my sister was unable to come....but I got her kids, and my brother and Sister N Sister in law came as well. The reason I call her my Sister N sister in law. Is she is Wayne's sister, but she married my she is my sister in law twice ;)
My niece is spending the night, I think she misses us....well I think she misses my girls. :)

Wayne went hunting and got his deer about an hour out, which made him very happy.
I don't like wild game. But the girls and Wayne do, so he is heading out again tomorrow.

I hope you all had a very creative World Card Making Day.
I plan on spending most of tomorrow in my scrap/craft room :)

Tracy :)


  1. No scrapping here as Curtis and I are spending the weekend in Yellowstone. We were able to use his priority points and get a free hotel room for 2 nights. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and your family. I will cook our turkey dinner on Monday to celebrate.

  2. This is so cute Tracy, love how youve done the raindrops. Snow what a thought we have a lovely sunny day here although its cold.. enjoy the rest of your day. Aud x

  3. Very clever use of your rhinestone flower for the raindrops! What a special card. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving with your family.

  4. Beautiful card. Sorry I missed scrapbooking day but as you know I crafted. Your turkey sounds yummy - the wedding was beautiful. Turkey will have to be next weekend.

  5. Adorable card. Very nice how you made the cloud and rain hehe..

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Your card is a cutie! Clever way to make raindrops. I think I'm adding cloud punch to my wish list.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Tracy, we are having our dinner tomorrow, unfortunately no one in this house likes turkey, so we are having good old roast beef! Lovely card, and cute image - love the colours. TFS

  8. Happy thanksgiving, love the rain cloud on your card :)

  9. What a cute card! That's cool that two brothers married two sisters. (Did I get that right?lol!). We are hoping that our son gets a buck this year. Well, I should say that my hubby is hoping that our son gets a buck this year. ;-) Congratulations to Wayne!

    1. Hi Pam.
      Actually my brother married Wayne’s sister
      So brother-sister, married sister-brother.

  10. Your coloring is exquisite! Beautiful card.

  11. I love this card! Such a cute image and those tear drop shaped gems definitely top it off :o) I didn't get to participate in World Card Making Day either, family farewell party. I don't mind though, I make enough in between :o) Hugs!

  12. Absolutely amazing as always! Those gems are an awesome touch!

  13. Gorgeous card, Tracy! I didn't get the card done that i plnned but I did manage to squeak out a LO. :-) Happy Turkey Day!

  14. I think this might be one of my favorite cards you've made, that image is perfect and so smart to use flower petals for rain drops! I hope you got to relax today, in your craft room :) after cooking all day yesterday. Lol

  15. Love how you've done the raindrops...very clever and creative. Fantastic coloring as well. And you darn Canadians have been sending your cold fronts south again...we got your snow as well.


  16. I love the raindrops. Very clever. No card making for me, my son would have been a little upset I think if I chose to make cards lol.

    Can't believe you got snow again. We actually had to turn on our heat yesterday, for the first time. I'm so happy to know I'm not spending another winter on the mountain. However we brought a bear, a huge buck, and a little red fox here with us. They all like to hang out in my backyard for some reason.

  17. So cute and I love the raindrops. You can keep that snow. I know it's coming here eventually but I'm in no hurry!

  18. I love the blingy raindrops! That is fabulous!

    That is crazy that it snowed! I can't believe how quickly winter is coming this year. Last year, we lucked out with an "easy" winter, but I don't think we will be so lucky this year!

    I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  19. Pretty card! I love that cloud punch! Brrr... keep your snow up there please!


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