Sunday, October 7, 2012

Card Questions answered and a video

I have received a few questions on my cards.
So today I am going to focus on my card sizes and the papers I use.
My go to sizes are 5 1/2x5 1/2.
I also make cards in 5 1/2x4 1/4.
Here are the cards with the bases I cut, behind them to show the comparison.

I did a video that goes into more detail.
Onto My Day:
I slept in....ohhh the pleasure of not having to get up early.
Hubby woke up early to go hunting and got another deer before 9:30 this morning. Then his nephew got a moose. So they are done hunting for the year.

I made a card today, and two videos.
The videos took forever, boy I have a lot of bloopers I had to cut out. But don't think I can share them in one of my blooper videos as the language is a bit..... colourful, lol.

I hope you all enjoyed a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Wow! Fast and lucky trip! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! We had our dinner tonight with some friends. I love pumpkin pie and stuffing with gravy!

  2. Thanks for the tips for the cards...I am so not a good card creator and you make it look like a breeze!

  3. always love your cards!! hope you had a happy thanksgiving!

  4. Fabulous video - thanks for the info. Happy Thanksgiving:-)

  5. Love your cards, great video!
    Happy Thanksgiving! Leigh:)

  6. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!
    Try Walmart in the states for your Geirgia Pacific paper- that's where I got mine.

  7. I love square cards, but just never make them because of the envelopes too :) I stick with 4 1/2x 5 1/2 mostly. I know you don't like going to Walmart, but does yours not carry the GP paper? That's where I get mine here. We slept in on Saturday and Sunday and it was glorious! My dad always hunted and Mike grew up hunting with his dad, but stopped after he passed away eight years ago. No more deer for us. I can't imagine a moose! Holy cow!

  8. I haven't made cards in a long time..I still have a pile of Stampin' Up cards just collecting dust. I also have my spectrum noir markers and a few new stamps to color, have only made one card so far lol. TFS

  9. Nice video, I'm impressed! I had to laugh about the bloopers. I let a word (s**t) slip at stamp camp last week! Haha, and my mom was sitting right next to me. I don't know, it wasn't even that traumatic ... tape runner ran out, or forgot pop dots or something!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It's so old and neglected it took me awhile to figure out how to publish your comment! Haha! Maybe I should fire it up again, but it takes me so long to write! Writing is not one of my strengths!

  10. I got to sleep in somewhat yesterday and today. I'm still completely wiped out though. I hope I didn't catch anything. I keep falling asleep even after copious amounts of caffeine and a couple of naps. That just means I'll be wide awake at midnight making some cards and watching a good zombie movie :D Your kind of evening right ;) I have chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling to boot :D

  11. Lovely and sweet card,so soft colours:)


  12. Thank you for the video! I really appreciated the part about the cardstock and the white colors, because I am looking for 110lb paper to print our save the dates on (that need to be mailed out in less than two weeks!)

  13. Great video! I want to sleep in too. Your so luck hehe...


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