Thursday, October 25, 2012

Defunkifying my Dies

I am still defunkifying my life.
I know I kind of put things on hold during the summer.
I was hoping to do the whole house before I started with the ol' craft/scrapbooking room.

But I was using my dies the other day and just got fed up with taking them out of the packaging. Those suckers can cut you.
As you can see from the photo I had started putting them CD cases (about 5 yrs ago)....I think I did 4 and then quit.
So I am trying something a bit different.
I have quit a few ideas on how I can organize them. I am a flipper so I had to keep that in mind.
I am working on this tonight while we watch the tube, so hopefully I will be done it tonight so I can share it with you tomorrow.

Onto My Day:
I was a cold one not liking the cold weather and it hasn't even really started yet.
Hubby and I went to Canadian Tire tonight, then to Staples.
Did a short walk today, and that is about it.

Hope you all had a creative Thursday :)



  1. Good for you...I hate taking them out of the packaging too.

  2. It's cold here too and also snowy. Have a couple of inches out on the back deck. Looking forward to seeing your organization with your dies.

  3. have fun! i don't have a lot of dies but i do have some and i bought magnetic paper aand i hung it on my wall in my scrap room and i place all my dies on it- that way i can see them ALL the time and now i use them a TON more!! the paper is at michaels

  4. Made it home finally! My creativity today was deciding to quit about 10 r
    Times as bad weather...see you later!

  5. I'm interested to see what you're doing here... Ever since you said you were a flipper that stuck with me for some reason and I've been thinking about moving some things around... We'll see. Sorry it was cold today :( it got cold today here too. It was unseasonably warm the last few days so Thursday was a real shock to our system!

  6. Oh! I can't wait to see what you do with your dies! I like to flip through mine too, but they aren't easily stored for that!

    It got really cold here today. Yesterday was really nice, then (in the middle of running errands) it started pouring with freezing cold rain, and its chilly now!!

  7. I'm interested in seeing what you come up with too. I'm an organizing junky, lol. So you'd think I'd be organized right, nope I have a long way to go :D


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