Monday, October 29, 2012

Defunkifying My Life Revisited

I am going to re-start my "Defunkifying My Life" series again.
I am thinking that working on one area a week is a good goal.
Ohhh I have so many goals :)
So for this week we are going to revisit our past Defunkifying goals. As I am sure we could all use a revisit.
So our 1st Defunkifying mission was to organize our paper work.

2nd Defunkifying mission was to organize one of our junk drawers.

3rd Defunkifying mission was to organize our desk area.

4th Defunkifying mission was to organize a closet.

5th Defunkifying mission was to tackle another closet (bedroom), we have so many of them.

I think I must have had too many skeletons in my closet because I kind of stopped after that one.
Then yesterday I did my dies. I think I will include them in with this series as our scrap/craft rooms are a big part of our lives.

I think this should keep you busy until next week ;)
Come and join me in Defunkifying our lives.

I just thought I would share with you a photo I took today.
You may wonder why there is a pop (my favourite Coca-Cola) can on the ground.
When Wayne brought my case of pop in the other day, he hit the side of his plow and and one sprang a leak. It was shooting pop all over. So he just chucked it on the ground to let it do its thing.
Notice I said a few days ago...yup still out there.
I guess it will be staying there until I pick it up and throw it out.

Onto My Day:
My day was spent tidying up, replying to emails and doing some bookwork.
Today just seemed to go by way to fast.

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Poor sad little Coke that croaked.
    When I saw your die organizing vid I hoped you would continue with your defunkifying series again! YAY, I'm happy.

  2. we did some defunkifying of the garage to get my van in again! ;0)

  3. Tracy
    I really smiled at the coke can. Thought maybe it was one that got hidden away when you were trying to limit your intake of them.

  4. p.s.
    love the defunkifying series.

  5. That coke can would still be on the ground around here too! I picked up a couple last time I mowed the lawn. I hate people who junk up your yards! We also had to clean up our garage recently to fit the rig backing or winter. Curtis brought home a bunch of stuff to store for the camera club. OMG!!!!!

  6. Just sent you an email and apparently I can't read dates! Time for bed! LOL!

    I'm thinking to revisit your Defunkifying the Dies series...definintely need that one! LOL!

  7. I have had them spring a leak before and man does it spray everywhere...A big sticky mess let me tell you!!! Outside is the best plae to let it spray as the rain will wash it all away.

    i have enjoyed your defunkifying series!!!

  8. your defunkifying series sounds great!!

  9. Thanks for all the links. It always feels good to get things organized.

  10. Lol, that photo is too funny, especially considering how the pop can ended up there! I was trying to watch your video just now, I'm in my car, sitting outside my office before I go into work :), but because my phone is hooked up to the blue tooth in my car, I couldn't hear the audio. So I'll be watching it once I get inside :) I've decided I won't be able to post the couple of Tuesdays, it's too difficult with volleyball, trying to get dinner, homework and everyone cleaned up. We only have two weeks of games left after this one though :)

  11. I'm looking forward to it!! I have alot of defunking to do!

  12. I thought you were getting desperate for coke and had found a lonesome unopened can! Always great to have a sort out. We did paperwork earlier in the year and found bank statements of Andy's from when he was in Germany in 1992!!! Why did we even bring them with us to Canada? There were several boxes I had to shred! Have a good week.

  13. Sigh...lots of defunking needed here, too!
    Not just scrap stuff, but room organization.
    I think small baby steps would work and I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed!

    As for the can, I have to laugh because that is exactly what would happen here. I love when I leave stuff on the stairs to go upstairs and people just walk right by it!

  14. oh how i will beback at lunch time to read thru this i might have to join in.. thanks for stopping by....i've blogged....

  15. I need to defunkify the apartment. I think at Christmas, when we get rid of AJ's desk to fit the tree, I will clean up all of our paper mess. And throw out that desk. I've been waiting for over a year to toss that thing!

  16. Good luck with all the organizing!

  17. I thought maybe the private stash. LOL Poor coke. Wayne left it for dead and winter. Meanie! LOL
    Oh ok, I will say this. I love the defunking of the craftroom the best. since it is the best room in my house. LOL when I defunkify the rest of the house. it de-fun-ifies me:/ LOL;)


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