Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Forgotten girl

I can't believe I forgot to share with you this card!!
I made it on my creative getaway. I guess I was saving this one ;)
I made the bow with the same pattern paper as I used to paper piece her dress. Then I inked the paper to bring out the shape of the tails of the bow.
I can't believe I forgot to post this card, wow.

I used a Gorjuss girl stamp and coloured her up with my Copic markers.
Usually when I paper piece their outfits I fussy cut out everything except the clothing.
But on this one, I just coloured the bits of her hair on the pattern paper instead of intricate cutting out those two strands of hair. (Thanks for the tip Debbie)
I know this wouldn't work if I coloured her hair a light brown or blonde, but it worked great for this one.
I added the white gell pen for her pearl necklace.
Drew in the grass with the flick of my markers.

For the inside of the of the card I backed the recipe/index card with black card stock. I inked the pattern paper with black distress ink.

Onto My Day:
Another exciting day of working.
I received a nice business call today, the guy yelled at me, I couldn't get in a word. But when I did, and calmed him down, the customer did apologize to me, and told me he was sorry he yelled.
I told him that it wasn't very nice of him, and that I accepted his apology.
Still kind of brought my day down.
I could never work at a customer complaints department, I would end up going home crying every day.

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Your welcome! Gosh, I showed you something! Lol. I can't believe you forgot that one either, it's gorgeous! Haha....beautiful work as always... Can't wait to show you the few new ones I have....happy crafting till we meet again ..hugs :)

  2. Such a great card that you almost didn't share with us. And it is so cute!
    Sorry you got yelled at today.

  3. I really love what you do with the Gorjuss girls!

  4. Beautiful stamp. Such a wonderful cars very sweet. Sorry your day started out awful.

  5. Beautiful!! That's a great idea to color her hair on the paper piecing.

  6. Her hair looks great! You are so talented. I like how you always jazz up the inside of the card too.

  7. I love it all...the color scheme, the sweet girl and the pretty bow you made from PP!

  8. Such a beautiful card...and her hair is awesome!

  9. She is absolutely beautiful, i love this card!!! I'm so sorry he yelled at you, too bad you couldn't have just called him an ass and hung up. Lol

  10. Lovely card with a lovely and sweet image:)


  11. Fabulous card - and really neat tip about colouring in the hair onto the paper piecing. TFS

  12. Very cute card! I work in customer is not fun getting yelled at on a daily basis. Sorry you had to go through that!

  13. I love to check out the cards on your blog. She's beautiful!

  14. She's so pretty, love the paper bow too :)

  15. She is so adorable. I have spectrum noirs and I can't blend any where near that well. TFS

  16. This is beautiful! I love that you were able to color in her hair and not have to paper piece that. I wouldn't have known at all if you hadn't said!

    I hate being yelled at like that. A parent did it to me once, because her son didn't pass the class (not that this was shocking really, he'd cheated his way through, and no one wanted to believe it!) I hated being yelled at like that, its like, I am a person, not a robot on the other end of the phone!

  17. Yup, me again. Backtracking again lol. In my defense my son turned 7 on Saturday and I was so busy getting ready for his party that included family friends and new neighbors from the neighborhood. Things like that make me stress a little lol. Beautiful card. It reminds me of me and the world I live in, whether its real or not LOL. That's the way I picture it when I'm not planning birthday parties. Now I'm wiped out.


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