Thursday, October 18, 2012

Muddin on our trip ;)

We left early, early in the morning.
We were planning on leaving at 6:00am but Wayne (the Time nazi) didn't come with us on this trip so we actually left at 6:20am.
It was pitch black out and really foggy. Not fun driving.

 We got stuck behind a transport with a very wide load. It was so wide that it had a 2 police escorts as well as another escort with flashing lights.
The cops were making the on coming traffic pull over as the truck approached, and no one could pass.

Ashley was driving during this time.
I had to go to the bathroom (I mean that second! Was wishing I had one of those bottles the truckers use, lol.) there was no where to pull over, plus following this wide load truck, up the hills the speed would go to 40-50 kph it was taking us forever to get to our next pit stop.
Being the country girl that I am, I made Ashley pull in a side road and I found some cover.
As I was running to my sacred spot, my pant leg got hooked on a piece of barbed wire. Did I tell you I really had to go.
I could hear the jeep, figuring that Ashley was finding a place to turn around. But I could hear her revving the engine.
I get into the jeep and the look on the girls face was priceless, I asked if everything was all right.
Ashley replied, Every things good, Nothing happened.
Yeah right.
This is what my jeep looked like when we finally reached out pit stop.

Turns out she got stuck in some mud. She actually had to put the jeep in 4x4 to get out of the muck.
I just started laughing, thinking of them panicking trying to get out of the mud on a deserted road, while I was tinkling in the bush. LOL.

We checked into the hotel, went shopping ( no crafty shopping on this trip). Then we went to my brother David & Amanda's house for supper with my dad and Doreen and my cute nephews.
Then my brother Darren came by. We were so happy to see him, I haven't seen him in a few years.

Now at the hotel chilaxing. Was going to go in the hot tub, but its a bit to late for that.
Sorry to say that no one has guessed the main reason we are here in Winnipeg.
I will let you know why tomorrow ;)

I hope you had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh man, I will do almost anything not to pee at the side- but admit with that setting...probably squatting too. Only, I would likely get my foot or the back of my pants. 0.o. Sigh

  2. Funny story! I clench till I float...always worried about snakes or bears!

  3. Sounds like fun-mostly! I have had to do that too-pee in the bushes. Not a fun thing.

  4. i know!!!!!!! oh to be young again... lol

  5. sounds like an awesome adventure with your girls!!

  6. Can't wait to read tomorrows post!

  7. Tracy this is so funny, things like this makes it a journey to remember look forward to reading tomorrows post. Enjoy yourselves. Aud x

  8. Sounds like your having a great time!lol! Can't wait to read your post later today! Leigh:)

  9. That is a crazy trip! I started laughing thinking about the girls panicking about getting the truck out of the mud and you tangled in barbed wire trying to go to the bathroom (and my students now think their teacher is crazy because I was sitting at my desk giggling! But school hadn't officially "started" yet, they're just doing work in my room!) That's a fun memory to share with your girls :)

    I hope you are having a nice time in Winnipeg. I wonder why you guys are in Winnipeg...I guess I'll find out tomorrow!

  10. Oh man, we've all been there, on the side of the road! Your girls are so funny :) can't wait to find out why you're in Winnipeg...

  11. I know why your there!

  12. That is the exact reason I always keep wipes in the card:)!


  13. Oh scary - peeing in the woods - watch out for them bears! Is someone expecting or had a new baby! Or a big surprise Anniversary party:-) Have a fab time.

  14. Glad you made it safely to Winnipeg. Have a fun time.

  15. Did you go for a birthday party?? I hate driving in the fog...

  16. Great story and would have been difficult to explain why you ladies were off on a deserted road. Enjoy your time shopping! Hmmm, are you shopping for wedding apparel?

  17. What a funny story :D Sometimes, "a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do" :D I'm very glad the revving you heard was just a small glitch and nothing else.

    Glad to hear your trip to Winnipeg was good, aside from being stuck behind a wide load forever.

    Love you - Leslie


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