Friday, October 12, 2012

Stamps, Stamps and more Stamps :)

I am trying to organize my scrap/craft room.
I have too much stuff. But the thing is I don't want to get rid of it.
I want to USE it.
The one thing I will never get rid of is my stamps.
These are about 95% of my colourable stamps.
What I mean by colourabe, is the ones that have people on them and I use with my Copic markers and other mediums to colour them in.

I had to run out today to pick up a couple more containers.
I consider myself a flipper. I like to flip through my supplies.
But I don't like to flip through binders. I tried that with my stickers and never used them....but I will share that on different day.
I also like to keep my stamps in their original packaging....only because I am lazy, teehee.
I take my stamps with me when I go away with a friend, so I like to keep them in these containers with the snap shut lids so they don't spill all over if I drop them.
I do have another way I am thinking of storing them, but it will take a while to do, and I have so much more organizing to do, so we will see if I ever get to it.

Onto My Day:
Tonight is Friday night scrapbooking. My friend Lynne wants me to show her how I colour.
Her daughter teased her and said "I learned how to colour in kindergarten."
I just told her, but we take it to a whole new level, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. i thought you were out of town this weekend... id didn't know you were scapping...maybe cause i wasn't invited ... private session... oh well... hopefully we can get together another time.. :) Happy scrapping

  2. Lots and lots of stamps. Enjoy your Friday evening coloring and creating.

  3. And I spy a Gorjuss stamp, front and center! Love them?

  4. I'm still trying to figure out how to store my stamps lol! Have fun crafting tonight! Leigh:)

  5. Hey Tracy! I like to keep my stamps in the original packaging in order to remember where the heck I got them from. I have no where near the amount of stamps you have, because I just haven't gotten into copics yet -- but I do consider myself a "flipper" as well. I just have mine in a box, and I like to go through the stack. And, I know you're enjoying "organizing" anyway -- so have a happy, scrappy night!


  6. I like your stamp storage. I have a box to put mine in, but the box is square and I want some storage like yours. :-) I'm not a stamper, but I do have enough to need a couple of those boxes you have there.

  7. Looking Good Tracey!
    It's fun to organize isn't it???

  8. I like these bins too and I am a flipper too!!! WHO knew? LOL Sometimes I flip the stamps, sometimes I flip the bird and sometimes I flip honey. LOL
    so spill it chickie, what other way would you store them. I need good ideas too ya know... LOL
    have fun coloring.

  9. BTW guess what I ordered today? Yep, stamps but not the coloring kind the mixed media kind. I don't have many of those and I am gonna play and make a mess. hee hee.

  10. Great storage. You are getting a lot in a little space and keeping them portable, too.

  11. Nice idea for storage. I like that you can take them with you whenever you go.

  12. oh can i come over and play with all those stamps?? oh i love them- and what a great way to store them!

  13. Great idea for your stamps, its never easy finding suitable storage for them. Hope you have a great weekend. Audx

  14. Fabulous way to store your stamps - I would be a flipper too, if I had that many. You'll have to do some on line tutorials of your colouring:-) TFS

  15. I store my in containers too, but they are definitely not as wonderfully organized as this!!


  16. Great stamp storage idea, you have lots of stamps lol

  17. I like the stamp organization! I feel like I am always trying to organize everything...maybe one day it will all come together!

    That is too funny about the coloring. You definitely bring it to a whole new level!!

  18. I like how you have your stamps organized. Those cases are great for traveling!

  19. What a fantastic idea! Love that your stamps are so small and easily fit in the containers. Hope you and Lynne had fun coloring :D

    Love you - Leslie

  20. So many stamps!!! I'm trying to organize and clean too.


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