Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ask me Anything

This is how powerful Mother Nature is.
This is a photo taken in my City, its of the outer bands of the Super Storm Sandy.
The photo is from our local radio station Magic 99.9 from Tuesday.
Pretty amazing isn't it.

My city is the white star on the edge of the storm.
We didn't get any bad weather. But was surprised it made it all the way over here.
I am so sorry for my friends and others who are going through the aftermath of the storm. Take care and sending hugs your way.

Onto My Day:
My day was spent working all day today...month end for me.

Onto My Day:
Listening - to Dollhouse on the tube.
Eating - nothing
Drinking -water...yes I am a good girl..mind you a cold coca-cola would taste really good just about now ;)
Wearing - pajama pants, "Police" band shirt, and my old lady's sweater.
Weather -cold
Wanting - to make a mini album
Needing-  a hot tub, I'm chilled
Thinking -of crawling in bed or running a hot tub
Enjoying - my computer time, didn't get much of it today.

I won an award and am suppose to come up with 10 facts about me.
I think you know everything there is to know about me, I'm kind of a boring person, teehee.
So before I accept this award I thought I would let you ask me anything you want and I will post the answers to those questions.
What do ya think?
Ask away :)

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. That was one impressive storm-especially since it reached all the way to you. I was concerned for my sister and her family in the Washington, DC area. All is well though. My question---what did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid?...

  2. Wow that is one very cool picture!!

  3. That is an awesome picture!!!

    We have the outer edges of Sandy here too. She caused crazy waves on the lake. The weather effects are pretty impressive. I hope you guys don't have any issues because of her!

    I hate coming up with facts about myself. It takes me forever, and I keep telling AJ "I'm not that interesting!"

    So, my question, I can't even think of an interesting question! Okay...let me think for a bit...What is your favorite nail polish color?

  4. I know that you are short like me. Favorite place to purchase clothes?

  5. These are fabulous pictures Tracy. We too didn't get too much, just rain and high winds through the night. What does blogging do for you? Have a great weekend.

  6. the storm made its way all the way to ohio. northern ohio got hit really bad but here in southern ohio we had a lot of wind and rain. the boys had to go trick or treating in it-- but they had fun! the photo of the sky is impressive!!

    have a great weekend!

  7. Glad you are ok. Have you always been crafty?

  8. Sandy was such a crazy big storm. I feel so bad for everyone effected. Glad it didn't come to you. We felt it for two days on Saturday and Sunday with high winds and it was hundreds of miles off shore. Crazy! Have great weekend!

  9. What is your favorite December holiday tradition?

  10. That's an amazing pic. Can't wait to read your questions/answers, boring my foot, lol!

  11. I received that award, too, and am having a really hard time coming up with 10 things anyone would want to know about me! My question for you is: How did you "meet" the person who gave you the award?

    Impressive pics, hurricanes suck.

  12. That first picture is so creepy! When I heard them say it was moving up into Canada I couldn't believe it! I know what you mean about the awards. After you've gotten a few of them, you feel like you've told everyone everything. Plus when you blog everyday, you feel like you pour your heart out, so what more is there to tell? Lol My question for you would be, how did Wayne propose?

  13. Here is a question... have you always lived in that little white-starred town?

  14. Okay, here ya go. Super serious question: do you believe you were put on this earth for a reason?

  15. Oh and do you know Santa Claus cause I need a favor. bwwahhhhaaaa!seriously....

  16. Wow! Simply unbelivable. And the damage it caused? I cannot imagine NYC being stopped in its tracks the way it was...


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